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Bicycle road safety campaign

No description

Sophie Mewitt

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of Bicycle road safety campaign

Rebranding Road Safety Campaign
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
By Amy Meades, Georgia De Arevalo and Sophie Mewitt

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Means of distribution
Using Social Media, the Fire and rescue website and print adverts we plan to distribute our campaign
Use of Media
- Monitor tweets/follows to the #findthegoldenbike and Twitter page
- Monitor interactions/likes on Facebook page
- Amount of people playing the online game, as well as successful participants
- Compare cyclist road accidents in the Hampshire area before and after the campaign

Sponsor: Provide prizes for competitions and funding towards the 'golden bikes' to be placed around Southampton
In return: Logo on print adverts, adverts after online game and logo on the 'golden bikes' themselves, as well as more customers from the use of their vouchers
Print advertisement
Primary Research
- To raise awareness of road safety for not only cyclists but for all road users; focusing mainly on cyclists
- To minimize road accidents related to cyclists
- To raise awareness of important road safety issues for cyclists
- To re brand road safety for cyclists
- To reduce road accidents involving bicycles by 20% in the Southampton area by December 2014
Online game
Play as either a cyclist or driver

Earn points for abiding road laws and avoiding accidents

Cyclists must looks for cars and drivers have to ‘spot the cyclist’

Road safety equipment and Halfords vouchers to be won
The Campaign
Time scale
Thank you for listening.
Do you have any questions?

Five bikes situated around Southampton, that the general public can find, and take a picture of themselves with. Then either post on the Facebook page or tweet to #findthegoldenbike or the @Goldenbike page to win prizes

'Where's Wally' theme campaign
- 43% of the population owns or has access to a bicycle

- Last year 10% of adults cycled at least once a week

- 122 bicycle related deaths last year, 106 involving motor vehicles

'Be aware on the road. Accidents aren't always that obvious. '

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