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Grammar: Fragments

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Josephine Skaer

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Grammar: Fragments

Online Practice
Fixing Fragments
Complete Sentences
1. the basket of apples

(complete predicate missing)
A fragment is a group of words that lacks a subject or a predicate, or both. It does not express a complete unit of though.
Fragments are
used in formal writing. You can correct a fragment by adding the parts needed to complete the thought.
Essentially, a fragment is an incomplete sentence.
Uses of Fragments
Grammar Rules
Taken from
Prentice Hall: Grammar Handbook
- 9th Grade Edition
The conventions of spoken word can differ from written word In conversations, fragments usually do not present a problem because tone of voice, gestures, and facial expressions can add the missing information.
Verbal Conversations
Fragments are sometimes acceptable in writing that represents speech, such as the dialogue in a play or short story. Fragments are also sometimes acceptable in elliptical sentences.

However, for formal academic writing, the use of fragments is not good practice.
Fragments are a PART of a sentence. They are incomplete and cannot stand on their own.
To avoid writing a fragment, look for the subject and verb in a sentence. To find the subject, ask, "Which word tells what or who this sentence is about?" Once you have the answer (the subject), then ask, "What does the subject do?" or "What is being done to the subject?" This will help you locate the verb.
Ways to Fix Fragments
Play a "Sentence or Fragment" Game
1. The basket of apples was eaten quickly.
(complete predicate added)
2. thrive in the rain forests

(complete subject missing)
2. Tarantulas and numerous insects thrive in the rain forests.
(complete subject added)
3. from the barn
(complete subject and predicate missing)
3. Flies from the barn swarmed into the house.
(complete subject and predicate added)
Formal vs. Informal
1. Add a subject if the fragment is missing one.
2. Add a verb phrase if the fragment is missing one.
3. Combine the fragment with the sentence before it.
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