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Olivia Lafferty

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of CAMEROON

and Population

Capital is Yaondé.
Population there is 1.6 million.
It is the second largest city after Douala.

President is named Paul Biya
The people elect the president and the president elects the prime minister
President serves a 7 year term
100 people for senate and 70 are elected by vote and the other 30 by the president
Major Exports
Agriculture is 60 percent of exports
Crop exports include coffee, cocao, bannanas, onions, corn, cotton and pineapples
Others include livestock, rubber, timber, fish and oil
"Cameroon." CultureGrams Online Edition. ProQuest, 2013. Web. 10 Dec 2013.

Cameroon is a beautiful country with deserts, mountains, rain forests, an ocean coast, and savannas. It is sometimes called "Mini Africa" because it has so many different habitats. It also has an active volcano called Mount Cameroon (Po). Its biggest rivers are Benue, Nyong, and Senega.
Fun Fact
Some religous people go to witch doctors and fortune tellers so they can releive evil spirits. They also beleive in black magic.
Cameroon is the worlds 53rd
largest country. It is about
184,000 square miles and a little
bigger than California.
Cameroon's climate is

usally hot and windy.
Half the year is farming and the
other half is dry season. Cameroon
is right above the equator.

The population of Cameroon:
21 million
This is the
flag of
Fun Facts

Marathon run up Mount
Cameroon (Po).
The biggest frog in the world is in Yaoundé,Cameroon.
An election that was supposed to take place in 1996 happened in 2013
Sometimes pregnant woman will not attend a funeral because she beleives it will bewitch the baby with evil spirits
Google Images
"Cameroon." Reviewed by Mathieu Ngouajio. The New Book of Knowledge. Grolier Online,
40% Christian
40% Indiginous Beleifs
20% Muslim
The currency used all over Cameroon is the CFA franc.
Some occupations can be fisherman, lumberjacks, farmers or traders.
Major Jobs
Primary school begins at 6
Secondary school begins at age 12 or 13
90% of children enroll in primary school
More boys enroll than girls
40% drop out for scondary school
Students finish secondary school at age 17 or 18
Students must take an exam after secondary school to get into college

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