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Luke Pearce

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Sports

In Australia Cricket has been played since the 18th century, 'The first central administrative body for cricket in Australia was established in March 1892, (Cricket Australia, 2015)
The Australian Football League (AFL), formally known as the Victorian Football League was 'established in 1896' (Australian Football League). In its debut season, the competition started out with 8 teams. Today there is a total of 18 teams.
Auskick is a junior program affiliated with the AFL which is used to encourage children to get active and get involved in the sport. It is targeted at primary aged children and aims to make learning 'fun, safe and easy for boys and girls' (AFL Auskick, 2015.).
Cricket is a game played with a bat and ball on a large field, known as a ground, between two teams of 11 players each.

The object of the game is to score runs when at bat and to put out, or dismiss, the opposing batsmen when in the field. The cricket rules displayed on this page here are for the traditional form of cricket which is called “Test Cricket”.

Youth Engagement Programs
AFL is played between two teams, each with 22 players (AFL Community, 2015). There are many rules which must be adhered to during play and the umpires’ job is to make sure these rules are followed. Failure to do so will result in a free kick to the opposition.
Each state and territory has grounds which host AFL matches. Referred to as the 'home of Australian Football' (MCG, n.d.), the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the main venue for AFL. It is here that the Grand Final is held each year.


AFL has had many superstars play the game. Yearly, past superstars of the game are inducted into the 'Australian Football Hall of Fame' (Australian Football League, (n.d.). Umpires, coaches, administration staff and media personalities are also eligible to become hall of famers.
Legends of the Game
Legends of the game are official recognized in the Australian rugby hall of fame. To date there are only thirty members of the hall of fame with the latest members being inducted in 2007.
For the 15 Australian teams and the one New Zealand team there are 28 venues in total, spanning over the two countries. The Anz stadium in Sydney Olympic park is the biggest with a capacity crowd of 84000, the second biggest being Suncorp stadium which can host 52500 fans.
The objective in rugby league is to score more points through tries, goals (also known as conversions) and field goals (also known as drop goals) than the opposition within the 80 minutes of play. Passing in rugby league may only be in a backward or sideways direction. Only the player holding the football may be tackled.

Youth Engagement Programs

Michael Clarke - 'Having burst onto the international scene as a 23-year-old with a century on Test debut (Cricket Australia. 2015)

Donald Bradman – Don Bradman is one of Australia most famous players of the game. 'Knighted for his services to cricket in 1949, he remains the only Australian cricketer to receive a knighthood for services to the game’ (Cricket Australia. 2015

MCG - 'The MCG which stands for Melbourne Cricket Ground was built in 1853. It has hosted more than 100 Test matches (including the first in 1877) (MCG. 2015)
Milo cricket is for five to eight year to teach kids the basic skills to play cricket, in a supportive, non-competitive environment (In2Cricket. 2015).

PlayNRL is an introductory program aimed at kids between 5 and 14.The PlayNRL program is non-competitive form of the game where no formal scores are recorded,
There are modified rules for safety with touch, tag or tackle options
The National Rugby League is Australia's top-level domestic rugby-league club competition. It grew out of Sydney's local club competition which started in 1908

Scoring* Andrew Gaze 1007
Blocks* Simon Dwight 146
Steals* Darryl McDonald 123
Rebounds* Clarence Tyson 496
in one season
Cricket in

The Basketball Court 28m x 15m
<---Half-way line
<---Three point line
The Key
<---Centre court
<---The hoop
<--- Free throw line
<---The backboard
Out of bounds
For the complete rules www.fiba.com
Modern basketball, originated in 1891 when Canadian, James Naismith was tasked with providing an 'athletic distraction'
for a group of unruly school boys.

The first game was played with a soccer ball and two wooden peach baskets
Only one player in the
NBL, can boast scoring over
1000 points in a single season. Awarded
"Most Valuable Player"
Andrew Gaze
Aussie Hoops: The official, paid youth development program for Basketball Australia.
Aimed at 12-18 years
'at risk' youth; Midnight
Basketball runs life skills
workshops, followed by a free meal and basketball tournament
Two teams of five players each try to score points, by shooting a ball through an elevated hoop, known as; 'The basket'.
The team with the most points
at the end of the game, is
declared the winner.
Two point area
Sport in Australia has become our life, something to be proud of as a nation and something that promotes healthy lifestyle and family togetherness.

Reaching higher levels of these sports requires determination and extraordinary levels of technical aptitude that not everyone will be able to master in their time.

Through children’s sporting programs we will continue to grow our love of sport in Australia and teach our children the enjoyment of being involved in sporting teams. These programs will also continue to produce the high quality athletes that we have become so proud of.


Sport in Australia is called by some a ‘National Obsession’. Many Australians live for the weekend, when they gather with a group of friends, watching their favourite sport, losing their voices in the passionate screams to get their team over the line. When the results don’t go their way there are tears and despair for the team they love dearly.

This presentation offers insight into some of our favourite sports and outlines their history, rules, superstars, venues and also children’s programs that are offered in these sports.

Whilst conducting our research we have used the Metzger checklist (Metzger 2007) to ensure our sources meet the five criteria of credibility authority, objectivity, coverage, accuracy and currency.

Sport in Australia
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