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Homeless In Victorville

No description

Donald Vernon

on 23 October 2016

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Transcript of Homeless In Victorville

Company Logo
Homeless In Victorville
Homelessness is at a all time high
In Victorville, CA The homeless population is at 264
How do the homeless become homeless?
Do you know anyone that is homeless?
What would you do if you came homeless?
What crosses your mind when a homeless person asks for change?
How much of Victor Valley do you think is homeless?

Why are we like this
We fill in the blanks of others lives with the experiences and opportunities we've had
Media negatively represents homelessness
Our society shames the homeless
5 Members were chosen
In my community research project I choose 5 members to participate
3 Males
2 Females
All within 18-20
Many homeless are victims of abuse
Homelessness can occur because of many reasons such as
Domestic abuse
Job market
No where to turn to
The members of the higher social statuses will lack compassion for the homeless
As a community we need to learn that our struggles are all different
Being homeless doesn't mean you are a druggie or alcoholic
Try putting yourself in someones shoes before judging

The assumption was correct
The upper class males did not carry the compassion for the homeless compared to the lower class women
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