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Customer Loyalty

No description

Aaron Virdee

on 3 August 2018

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Transcript of Customer Loyalty



The basic concept is astoundingly simple: a phone call to a customer asking for a service rating, and then a follow-up call if the rating is low in order to gain feedback. We capture the Voice of Customer then analyse the feedback and look for ways to improve our service quality.

The Net Promoter Approach (NPA) is the way in which DHL Express measures customer loyalty and helps to drive our “insanely customer centric culture”.
Why are loyal customers so important?

Loyal customers are our Lifeblood – they stay with us longer and boost the profitability of our Network.
The NPA tracks customer loyalty and employees gather direct customer feedback to understand their ratings
Customers are called within 1 day after their interaction and are being asked two questions:
Promoter question
Willingness to be called back by DHL

2nd CALL

Employees call back customers (focus on detractors) that agreed to it to gather direct feedback about:
Reasons behind NPS rating given
Opportunities to improve customer experience

1st Call
Cluster, analyze, and share feedback and key learnings to derive:
Quick-wins (directly addressable by employees)
Initiative ideas
Structural changes
Implement initiatives to reduce number of detractors and increase number of promoters

Switzerland proved that NPA turns detractors into promoters…
”Some time ago a colleague called. At that time the courier often came late. Since then he‘s always on time, perfect.“
Promoter who used to be a Detractor

140 Dectractors called
a second time*
(on average after 287 days)


Detractor Conversion Rate Aspiration >80%
Detractor Callback Rate Aspiration >90%
Detractor Callback Attempts Rate Aspiration 100%

Coverage & Engagement

Functions: Minimum four major functions covered with engaged 2nd callers:
Customer Service
Direct actions by 2nd callers
Feedbacks analysed
QUESTIONS ARE NOT PERMITTED - Please contact ------
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