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Overcoming Technological Constraints and A Tribute Empire

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Jackson Wu

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Overcoming Technological Constraints and A Tribute Empire

Overcoming Technological Constraints and A Tribute Empire
Gender roles hindered by technological constraint
How did they overcome technological constraint?
Aztec Empire a Tribute State
Fall of the Aztec Empire
Technological innovations were primarily reinforced to improve city life but didn't improve the leisure to care for a family. The Aztec's overcome this obstacle via their immense population.
Tensions increased in the tribute states when the Aztecs were increasingly driven by avarice.
Mesoamerican(Aztecs, Olmecs, Incans, and Mayans) women are restrained to the household because they use a strictly large amount of time to prepare food.
Eastern Hemisphere civilizations with wheels and appropriate use of animals for their work and daily life, they can do the work of a hundred Mesoamerican Women in the same amount of time.
Women had certain rights such as inheriting and passing on property, but they're mostly considered subordinates of men.
Peasants are always monogamous but nobility are typical to be polygamy.
Due to their large population that was estimated to exceed 25 million, they had large amounts of people in the labor force that compensates the lack of technological innovations for promoting daily life.
The expansion of Aztec territory facilitated the growth of tribute states in the Aztec Empire.
Tribute states are empires that is controlled by a speaker from the nobility class.
The ruler of Tenochtitlan; Great Speaker, has the most abundant wealth and power of all Aztec cities. Because of his wealth, he is regarded as a living god.
During the century of Aztec expansion, a powerful nobility asserted control of the land that was previously controlled by Calpulli.
-The Empire left the conquered empire alone when they pay their tribute and labor obligations are met.
The accumulative wealth of Aztec's capital is because of the increasing number of paying tribute states.
The Aztec empire's desire to obtain more captives and more tribute states drove them to conquer more land.
The Aztec empire was successful because it showed political domination but not direct political control, much like the Mongols.
While the tribute system was a success, it also brought about the downfall of the Empire itself. The terror of the tribute imposed on the city-states generated social stress in the empire.
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