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An Adding and Subtracting book

Ali Lenhard

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of PANDA'S PARTY

By: Ali Lenhard Copyright 2013 by Ali Printings All Rights Reserved No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form. "Shhh" momma panda is planning a surprise party for baby panda! It's his 3rd birthday! Momma panda has to figure out how many invitations she will be sending out in the mail. She has 3 stacks of 5 invitations each, so she will add them. Momma bear has to send out 15 invitations! She put them in the mail and will be going to the grocery store soon to pick out a cake and balloons. Momma panda arrived at the local Wal-Mart to pick up the cake and balloons. She went around to pick her stuff up. She went to get the cake first. Then she went to go get the balloons. But there was a problem, the balloons came in groups of 7. Momma knew she would have to buy more than 1 group so she had to add them together and find out how many to get. 7+7+7=21 5+5+5=15 Momma will have to get 3 groups or 21 balloons to have enough for everyone. When momma got home she realized that 4 guests can't come to baby panda's party! Momma panda has to subtract 4 animal guest from the list and take away 4 balloons. She wants to know how many guests and balloons will be left on her list. - = Little baby panda was getting tired so she put him to sleep. Then she would get everything ready for the big surprise! Momma will have 11 guest coming to the party. - = Momma will have 17 balloons left and will give 11 away to the guests.
z an adding and subtracting book Momma panda got everything ready. when the sleepy baby panda woke up from his nap he was surprised to see all of his friends at his house! They all yelled "SURPRISE!" Baby panda was so happy! He ran over and hugged his momma. Baby panda got a lot of presents, and he loved his birthday cake! About the author Hi, my name is Ali Lenhard. I live in McKinney,Texas. I am a six grader at Evans Middle School. I have a family of 6, with a older sister in high school, a brother in 3rd grade and a baby brother who is 2. I am a level 5 competitive gymnast at Texas Best Gymnastics. I train 11 hours a week there! I am in the band program at my school and I play percussion! That's right I play the drums. Well that's all...... I hoped you liked my book! THE END! ALI LENHARD This book is dedicated to my 2 year old brother Josh, and all the little children who are reading this book.
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