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No description

Jeremy Wilson

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of IS

IdeaStream Historical Startup Model Ideas in Action HOPEFULLY, the marketplace responds to the idea and makes a purchase; some may, others will not. Regardless, it’s an educated guess at best, unless you start with the demand-side first. Marketplace Entrepreneurs develop solutions to perceived problems and/or market opportunities BUT need funding in order to bring their ideas to market Entrepreneur Venture Capital Ideas $ Developed Business Entrepreneur Start with the “supply” and HOPE you can find the “demand” IdeaStream Model The new model for venture capital GSDM Most startups fail because they can't find enough demand for their business. We'll start with the demand and wrap around it the tools necessary for success JP Morgan DreamWorks Walgreens 1: Entities listed are examples only and are not necessarily indicative of entities that have agreed to be involved. 1 Network of "Fellows" IdeaStream Corporate Partners IS Venture Capital Fund Solutions Problems Capital $ $ Thousands of individual professionals with diverse backgrounds, training, education, corporations, industries, relationships, demographics, status, etc Contributed by IdeaStream, Fellows and Corporate Partners 3-5 FTEs
Controlling Equity % % Equity % Equity Brinker Intl WPP P & G J & J Tyson Walmart KKR Network of Fellows: Detail (Industry Experience) Health & Wellness Peter Kohler, M.D. Calvin Smith Retail Marcus Osborne Vada Hill John Agwunobi Scott McCall H. Lee Scott CPG Doug Degn Vice Chancellor, UAMS NW UAMS Innovations / HomeDx Sr VP Health & Wellness, Walmart President Health & Wellness, Walmart VP Health & Wellness, Walmart Kevin Clark CEO, Erba Diagnostics Former CMO Taco Bell, Fannie Mae Former EVP Merchandising Walmart Jan Saumweber Former SVP, Sara Lee Niki White Marketing, GE Rob Apple DreamWorks / Former Disney Shane Coker Bazaarvoice / Former Walmart & Kellog's Phillip McKnight Nite Ize / Former Walmart, Jarden Former CEO, Walmart Stores, Inc. Marketing Roy Spence Former Founder & CEO GSD&M Brandon Ivie President Ivie & Associates Kenny Tomlin Founder & CEO, Rockfish Michael Stich Chief Growth Officer, Rockfish Joe Saumweber Founder RevUnit Chuck Sonsteby Former CFO, Brinker International Food Service Restaurants Michael Hadley McDonald's Franchisee Doug Brooks Chairman & CEO, Brinker International Steve Clark Founder Propak Tommie Wood National Sales, JB Hunt Bill Raffety Logistics Technology Michael Paladino Founder RevUnit Finance / Payments Tom Schoewe Former CFO, Walmart Stores, Inc. Mike Cook Sr VP & Assistant Treasurer, Walmart Ed Labry President, First Data - North America 1: People listed are examples only and are not necessarily indicative of those that have agreed to be involved.
2: Dotted ovals represent all other industries, such as staffing companies, PR/Communications, HR/Recruiting/Benefits, Manufacturing, Restaurants, Importing, Government, Regulatory agencies, Venture Capital, etc. Charles Holley CFO Walmart Stores, Inc. Brett Biggs CFO Walmart U.S. Chef, Davidson College Randall Anzalone Director Finance, Walmart Alex Aguila Sr Dir., Credit Cards, Sam's Club David Porter Head of retail stores, Microsoft / Former Dreamworks & Walmart Charles Baldwin Chief Administrative Office, Cabela's / Former Walmart Tom Bernthal CEO, Kelton Research Kim Burke Sr. Director Marketing, Sam's Club Myron Burke Sr. Director Store Innovation, Walmart Melyssa St. Michael VP Search & Emerging Media, Rockfish Jeff Amerine Director Tech Ventures, UofA Juan Camacho Director, Emerging Business Walmart.com Kurt Kober Team Leader, The Clorox Company Denis Bouchard DVP Payments, Sears Keith Roehrenbeck Sr. Developer, Rockfish David Newton Systems Architect, Engineering With IT David Mears Sr. Developer, Mitchell Communications Michael Fung Former CFO Walmart U.S. Sam Dunn Sr VP Finance, Walmart Global Sourcing Cara Kinzey Sr VP IT, The Home Depot April Seggebruch VP Operations Movista / Former Rayovac Rebecca Wilson Founder, Tandem360 Matt Yeager Sr Systems Engineer, Walmart Qui Le Systems Engineer, Walmart Jon Cook President & CEO, VML Cace Smith Busines Category Manager, General Mills Nate Smith VP Business Development, Nu Skin / Former Walmart Ryan Wanstreet Category Analyst, Nestle Purina Stan Zylowski CEO Movista / Former Rayovac Diane Seimetz Owner, Launch Agency SVP Corporate Development, WPP Sheila Spence Maggie Nation Former Sam's Club, Harrah's Buddy Martensen CMO Ivie & Associates Dan Sanker President & CEO CaseStack Silvia Azrai Kawas Sr Category Director Walmart Keith Barber Sr VP Operations, Retail Integrity Jason Jackson Sr Director Innovation, Sam's Club Kerry Kilker Chief Information Security Officer, Walmart Matt Martin Director Emerging Media, Sam's Club Geoff Sherman Director Promotions, Walgreens Network of Fellows: Detail (Relationships) Government 1: People listed are examples only and are not necessarily indicative of those that have agreed to be involved.
2: Dotted ovals represent other types of relationships Vada Hill Influential in national Republican party Gordon Allison Former SEC counsel Private Equity/Venture Capital Christopher Rand Tristar Partners - Healthcare VC Tom Schoewe KKR BOD Educational Systems Jeff Gearhart Brother to UofA Chancellor Future Evolution Future Components: Network of "Fellows" IdeaStream Corporate Partners IS Venture Capital Fund Solutions Problems Capital Creation of "crowd-sourced" fulfillment platform IdeaStream.com Private community of specialists required to bring new company to life including designers, developers, and marketers (similar to Quirky, Crowdspring, Edison Nation, etc) Future Components: Network of "Fellows" IdeaStream Corporate Partners IS Venture Capital Fund Solutions Problems Capital Proactive Approach Public Grants Proactive Approach: Many grants exist in marketplace today to solve identified problems. Instead of waiting for corporate partners to bring problems to us, we will proactively identify grants and work to provide solutions. We will use grant money to fund the resulting new venture. Example: Challenge.gov
C2i: Gaming Challenge by U.S. Department of Education
Challenge: How can interactive technology and game-based learning improve teaching and learning?
Prize: $10,000 IdeaStream
Management Team Jeremy W. Wilson

Among other entrepreneurial endeavors, Wilson currently serves as co-founder & CEO of GrowthWise Group, a consulting firm that helps both large corporations and startups in critical areas such as strategy and planning for rapidly scaling businesses, business development, M&A, talent development and board level advisory services.

During Wilson’s tenure as COO and CAO of Rockfish, one of the fastest growing and most recognized digital marketing agencies, he was instrumental in guiding Rockfish through its rapid growth from small startup to multistate agency providing services to such notable clients as Walmart, Sam’s Club, J&J, P&G and EA Sports. Prior to Rockfish, Wilson served as the senior director for Walmart financial services, director of investor relations and head of corporate cash management for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Wilson received a BSBA in financial management from the University of Arkansas and has attended additional postgraduate studies at Harvard Business School. Jeremy W. Wilson has a history of creating significant shareholder value in retail, marketing, technology, strategy, M&A, and finance. He has 18 years of experience spanning a broad scope of businesses from multinational corporations to startups and a wide range of industries from retail to advertising and technology.
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