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Gathering Blue/The Giver

Comparing and Contrasting

Brighid Kennedy

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Gathering Blue/The Giver

Compare and Contrasting The Giver and Gathering Blue The Giver/Gathering Blue
Conflict and Plot The Giver vs. Gathering Blue The Giver/Gathering Blue
Character Traits and Motives Jonas, the main character from The Giver, has different motives than Kira from Gathering Blue.
Some examples are:

Jonas wants to change things so that one person doesn't have to deal with all the pain.

Kira just wants to find the truth about things after she figures out that something is up. The two settings are quite different from each other. One is very undeveloped and poor, whilst the other is advanced and peaceful. Like everything else, the conflict and plot of either story are very different. The Giver/Gathering Blue Setting By: Brighid Kennedy Jonas wants to help everyone and make things fair. He wants to make it so that people will be able to make their own choices, even if that means that the society won't be perfect anymore. By the end of the story, Kira's motives are quite similar to Jonas' original motives; she wants to help her society become more fair and less altruistic. By the end of the Giver, both Jonas and the Giver decide that it be best if Jonas and Gabriel were to leave the society. the Giver decides that he'll help the people handle all the memories. So, Jonas' motives changed from helping the people to saving himself and Gabriel. In Gathering Blue, everything seems dirty and primitive. There is place called the Fen, where many poor families live. During the day, the men go out on their duties, the women go the garden or their jobs, and the tykes get placed in a Pen that is surrounded by a fence and filled with chicken and grime. In the Giver, everyone lives in a nice place. Every home is equal to the next. Everyone evens gets the same meal about. No one can get treated differently. There's many rules and apologies for everything. There is nothing odd or cruel about this supposed utopia society, minus the fact that everyone can only see black and white and no one has a choice. In The Giver, all people are in black and white, so no one sticks out. Even the leaders aren't anything special. They're just commanding figures. Whereas, in Gathering Blue, people get special treatment and torture because of their talents or high rank on the Council of Edifice. There is only one really fancy place in Gathering Blue: Council Edifice. In this place, there is running water, abundant food, comfy rooms, and much, much more. Anyone who doesn't live here either liver in the Fen, or alone somewhere in the dirt, or in a hut. The lifestyle is very unfair, especially because any place that illness has been in has to be burned to the ground. Families are often found in living in the Fen, a horrid place. The huts there are very small and nasty. Grim and debris surrounds the place, along with farm animals. Plus, the families are very mean and conniving. To put it simply, the settings are quite different. If you had to pick a place to live, pick the place with no choices and equal people. Not the place of torture and grim. Man Vs. Society & Man Vs. Man Conflict.
In The Giver, the first conflict is that Jonas has to accept himself as the new Receiver of Memory. Man Vs. Society & Man Vs. Nature Conflict
In Gathering Blue, the first conflict is that Kira must survive her first hearing, against Vandara, in front of the Council of Edifice. Near the end of the Giver, Jonas has already accepted himself as the new Receiver of Memory, but now he has to learn how to handle all of the memories that he receives.

After much discussing, the Giver and Jonas come up with a plan: Jonas will escape from Sameness and go on a journey, with Gabriel, until he reaches Elsewhere.

During Jonas' journey, the memories slowly float back to Sameness and the Giver has to help the community deal with all of the pain and suffering. But, as Jonas nears Elsewhere, he begins to regain so of the memories. What does that mean? Near the end of Gathering Blue, Kira begins to realize that something is up. A lot of people say there are beasts, yet no one has really seen or killed any. That leads Kira to believe Annabella and Matt, who say that there are no beasts.

Jamison, who has been on the final hunt with her father, claims that a beast killed him.

Vandara, who has a large scar on her face, claims that she was in a fight with a beast and that was how she got it.

And finally, at the end of the story, the truth comes out. Matt finds Kira's father, Christopher, and Kira begins to understand that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. There are far to many liars and gullible people.
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