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The Rise of the Sharing Economy

No description

Kristin Thompson

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of The Rise of the Sharing Economy

Back to the Future:
Consumption and
What the Internet
Has to Say About It

WTF Is The Sharing Economy?
The Internet is taking us
Back to the Future.
We are reverting to
bartering, exchanging, and
sharing rather than owning.
Before hyper-consumption,
there were monkeys.
What are the incentives to
move from a culture of Me
to a culture of We?
Why now? ”It is a shift in consumer behavior brought about by the emergence of social networks and real identity online. The social web results in trust, access to what you need quickly, and in the long run, a more authentic and interesting experience,” says Will Dennis, founder of peer-to-peer bike rental marketplace Spinlister.

Social networks establish online identities that establish trust. Mobile markets make it efficient and fast. Advances in shipping make getting just about anything from just about anywhere possible (though potentially expensive #AuthenticItalianGelato).
But not many people
are doing this, right?
I heard that it's just for
hipsters and hippies.
It's a convergence of factors. Trust in online identities meets better shipping options meets a growing concern for the environment. Add in a global recession. Voila! Let's share.
So there are collaborative consumption markets
for bikes, cars, office space, homes, parking spots,
crafts, movies, games, electronics, jewelry, haute couture.... Is there something that's missing?

Where could Myjive fit in? New sites? Improvements on existing ones? Utilizing a service?
Has anyone used AirBNB, Etsy, Uniiverse or other Sharing Economy sites? What are some favorites? Any hesitations?
So many names: Sharing Economy, Collaborative Consumption, Mesh Business....

Sharing Economy: Remix culture is a term based on Lawrence Lessig's Remix book to describe a society which allows and encourages derivative works.

Collaborative Consumption: an economic model based on sharing, swapping, bartering, trading or renting access to products as opposed to ownership.

Mesh Business: 4 common characteristics: sharing, advanced use of Web and mobile information networks, a focus on physical goods and materials, and engagement with customers through social networks.
Some things are better owned and some are better shared. Things we use a lot, and that are relatively low cost, don’t lend themselves that well to sharing through the mesh; think your toothbrush. Things that you don’t use that often, and that are expensive, do make a lot of sense to share through the mesh; think boats, vacation rentals, and airplanes.
ok.... but what does
that have to do
with this?
So what is in this Michael J Fox sequel?

Lisa Gansky, author of 2010’s The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing has a prediction.

"In the next three to five years, whenever you buy something, it’ll automatically be logged into a shareable virtual inventory. It’s social media, the next wave, connecting not just us, but our stuff.."

Realistic: true or false?
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