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Jaques Cartier

No description

Derrien.S S

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Jaques Cartier

This is my project of Jacques Cartier.
Hope you enjoy! Jacques Cartier was a famous french explorer
that mapped the shores of The St. Lawrence
River and the golf of The St. Lawrence
River. Jacques Cartier was born on December 31,
1491 in Saint-Malo France. he traveled the seas to Canada around the St. Lawrence River. Some of the hardships Jacques encountered
were, scurvy caused by lack of vitamin C,
storms, pests, water getting on the ship,
arctic ice blocking there path and losing
men that help the ship. The purpose to immigrate to Canada was to find precious metals, to find a passage from France to Asia and to make settlements in the new world. Jacques Cartier traded with the first nations but eventually they didn't trust him. In order to regain the trust of the first nations he took two of the chief's sons
to France and when they returned to Canada the sons
told the tribes about what they did and that regained
there trust and trading rights. Contact with the first nations Some of the accomplishments Jacques Cartier made were, gave Canada its name, discovered P.E.I., he was the first to explore the St. Lawrence River and was the
first to map the golf of the St. Lawrence River as well. Accomplishments before Jacques Cartier was an explorer he was a worker in a factory just like his parents. Job Description Who Where Hardships encountered Purpose to immigrate Jacques Cartier's location of settlement was in Newfoundland. Location of settlement
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