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King Tutankhamen's Life Story

The mystery of King Tutankhamen's death will never be known but for now lets discover a little something of his life story

Jake Fing

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of King Tutankhamen's Life Story

King Tutankhamens Life Story Background Interpretation of King Tutankhamen King Tutankhamen The king inside his coffin, inside his tomb, located in the valley of kings in Egypt Hypothesis It's unknown how the legendary King Tut died. Did one of his advisors kill him to achieve control of the throne and steal his lovely wife or was it just a natural death? We will never no what happened to King Tut but his legacy will remain for years King Tut was an Eqyption Pharoah of the 18th Dynasty.
He was born in 1333BC and at the age of 9 years old, he married his half - sister and took control of the Egyption throne.
In 1922 his tomb was found in the valley of kings after years of searching
His age now is dating to be 3352 years old
His body was found with numerous artefacts including scrolls, valuable jewellery and around 3500 articles of his body THIS IS A PHOTO OF kING TUT WHEN HE WAS FOUND INSIDE HIS COFFIN Some experts believe that after some DNA test's on King tuts body, they had found traces of malaria parasite, which is a disease infected by mosquito's. As this was an unexpected death of one of the greatest kings of all time, the king whas mummified and placed inside a coffin and tomb, 70 days after his death. Scientists have discovered alot of interesting things about king tuts body. They have discovered that he had a slightly cleft mouth palate and that king tuts tomb had been robbed twice during his death. Scientist had also discovered that the king had traces of metal bones inside his foot. Scientists also believe that the king's parents were incestral. Many scinetist now have the knowledge that during his day as king, tut had restored several parts to the Egyptian society including Mitanni, one of the main areas of Egypt during those days Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed it Bibliography  http://en.wikipdia.org
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