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AGCJ380: Personal Branding, Work/Life & Social Media

Class lecture as part of our developed curriculum for a social media branding and strategy class for undergraduates at Texas A&M University.

Amy Grace Wells

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of AGCJ380: Personal Branding, Work/Life & Social Media

Is your personal SM
a liability? Social Media and Professionalism Based on PR Daily resource, select the
social media personality that best
matches you. Class Activity Work/Life Balance when
Working in Social Media You are to create or update your profile.
You need to reach as close to 100% as
possible. Connect with both instructors. Assignment: LinkedIn Brand yourself on SM What do you want to be known for?
Follow thought-leaders.
Connect with others and share ideas.
Follow hashtags and join conversations.
Find webinars and tweet during them.
Evaluate your profile/bio description.
Know your privacy controls.
Know yourself. Personal Social Media Liabilities Branding Social media affects job hunting 1 in 10 people between ages 16 and 34
have been turned down for a new job because of photos or comments on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking sites.

*Report by On Device Research Your social media professionalism grade Based on a review of students in this class, here is how we would rank your SM professionalism:

A – 12 (outstanding privacy or content; no red flags)
B – 4 (good privacy or content; few red flags)
C – 2 (questionable content; several red flags)
F – 1 (based on social content, would not hire) What is a SM red flag? Think from an employer's prospective:

• Do you have several photos of you drinking or at parties?
Employer thinks: Will this person be dependable or will they be "sick" a lot?

• Could your content cause you to be perceived as judgemental or entitled?
Employer thinks: Is this person willing to learn and be loyal or will they leave if they don't get what they want?

• Do you post or share offensive items?
Employer thinks: Will this person cause problems in the workplace? Are they going to fit or cause conflict? Social Media is Public Even with privacy controls, social media is inherently public.
• Amy is "friends of friends" with 3 in this class.
• Do friends/followers share/retweet your posts?
• Do friends tag you in questionable photos?
Take control of your social media! Keeping up can be exhausting.
Learn to disconnect.
Take a break when you need it.
Use tools to help separate work/life. Work, Life & Social Media
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