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Lifeskill Grade 7-2

charbel makhoul

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas Charbel Makhoul
Grade 7-2 Introduction Did you know that chihuahuas
are the smallest breed of dogs
in the world There are Egyption sculptures of small dogs that look like chihuahuas

They oridionaly came from Mexico

Chihuahuas offer confort to their owners

Some facts about chihuahuas are physical traits, how the breed came about, owning a chihuahua and why they are great pets. knowing about chihuahuas makes me
know why they are great pets.
Chihuahuas are very nice pets for poeple
living in an appartnment.
One iteresting fact is that some people put
chihuahuas in pockets and persus.
Chihuahuas are ussually independent.
They get along with all dogs and addapt to their
owners enviornment quickly
Chihuahuas are very nice for pets.
They are the smallest dog breed
in the world. There common colors are black, white,
grey and tan.
They stand to 6-9 inches tall and 15-23 cm long.
They wieght 2-6 pounds and 12-15 years old.
Chihuahuas come in different shapes and sizes.
Did you know that Some poeple say that chihuahuas came from Egypt because there are ancient small dogs sculptures that looked like chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas are very neat and safe.
They are usually independent and like
to play with dogs larger in size.
Chihuahuas attract to their owners very quickly because of there personality.
Chihuahuas are very enjoyable pets to have. The chinees think that also the chihuahuas
came from china and where taken by trading
Most poeple think is true that chihuahuas came
from mexico because there is a city in mexico
called Chihuahua Chihuahuas are very intellegent
dogs. They don't need many exersize, their
only exersize can be running fron room to room.
Chihuahuas need grooming twice a day only.
Conclusion When talking about chihuahuas
One should know the physical traits,
how the breed came about, how to look after
a chihuahua and why they are great pets.
Like i said chihuahuas are very playful and fun to have Work Cited "Chihuahua Breed Information & Pictures (Chi(s) )." Dogs - Cats - Horses - TerrificPets.com. Web. 11 Apr. 2010.
<http://www.terrificpets.com/dog_breeds/chihuahua.asp> "Dog Owner's Guide Profile: The Chihuahua." Looking For Dog Owner's Guide? Web. 11 Apr. 2010.
Internet: Books: Stockman, Mike, John Daniels, and Mike Stockman. The Complete Encyclopedia of Pedigree Dogs: a Comprehensive Guide to World Breeds. London: Southwater, 2000. Print.
WHAT !!!
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