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Ferdinand Magellan

An amazing Explorer

Aaron Grivna

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Ferdinand Magellan

An Amazing Explorer Ferdinand Magellan Portugal Spain In 1480, Ferdinand Magellan was born in Sabrosa, Portugal India When he was 10 years of age (1490), his parents died Soon after his parents death, Ferdinand and his brother became court pages for Queen Leonora They studied math, astrology, exploration and navigation Australia North
America South
America Africa Europe Asia Indian
Ocean Atlantic
Ocean Pacific
Ocean Pacific
Ocean Arctic Ocean In 1505, Magellan traveled to
India with Francisco de Almeida This was Ferdinand's first voyage at sea They were sent by King Manuel of Portugal along with many soldiers to build forts They had a few wars and in some of them Ferdinand was severely wounded but he survived Francisco de Almeida became the first
viceroy of India during this expedition Francisco and his son were both
killed during wars in India Magellan later lost support from him
because he was accused of illegal trading Ferdinand served Francisco
in India from 1505 to 1512 King Manuel I of Portugal was not happy with Magellan when he received bad reports from Francisco de Almeida Because of this, Manuel did not agree to support the explorer's voyage when he asked in 1513 Ferdinand Magellan wanted to lead this expedition to find the spice islands and to truly prove that the Earth is round He studied until 1518 and asked again but still the king of Portugal refused. Ferdinand then decided to change his nationality to Spanish Dear King Charles V of Spain, I, Ferdinand Magellan am kindly asking you to give me money for a long voyage around the world. It may be a risky journey but I have studied hard about navigation and explorers like Christopher Columbus and many others. I am an experienced sailor and explorer so I truly believe I will be able to become the first to sail the full circumference of the world which is a journey that many have tried and failed. King Manuel I of Portugal has already rejected my offer so I would be ever so grateful if you were to donate money for the voyage. Magellan and his crew were the first to sail through the Pacific Ocean. He named it this because it means peaceful sea. At this point February has just begun and it is 1521. The great explorer sadly died here on the island of Mactan which is in the Phillipines. The cause of his death was a native who impaled his heart with a poisoned spear during a war. He was 41 and the date was April 27, 1521 At this point, there were less than 50% of the original crew so they abandoned the Conception Juan Sebastian Elcano continued the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan from here with two ships left I have dreamed about this expedition for a while so if you help bring it to reality, not only would I be incredibly happy, but you would as well because you will lots of credit. I would be honored to sail under your flag for you and your country far across the ocean and claim land for you as well. You could use the land start new colonies and gain power. Just imagine, if you did give me money and I got the land, Spain could grow far and wide. Another thing to remember is that it is very likely that I would find some goods for trading. There could be gold, silver, animals for fur and food - think about about what you would be able to do with all that. I will probably find many trading routes to Asia and other various places as well. Who knows, maybe my crew and I will be able to find something amazing that no one else has seen before. If that were to happen, I would become very well-respected, and I would make sure you would to. I also realize that there are other explorers that have been asking for money for voyages they would like to lead, but I think the expedition I would like to lead is more important than what they want to do and I am better at navigating the dangerous seas. I know that I might encounter natives as well but I can handle and maybe even trade with them. The biggest problems would be the deadly storms that come upon us during voyages because I can't control them. It is extremely likely that we will lose many crew members and even ships, especially on a long trip like this, but I guarantee that at least one of them will make it back to Spain. I know that I may not survive, but as long as the voyage is completed by someone, I will still be happy. As I have said, there are some some disadvantages to this trip because we may get hit by a tropical storm and never make it back but you have to remember, that could have happened on any of the voyages that have succeeded. Anyways, I think that there are more advantages than disadvantages. So please, I'm begging you, it would mean so much to me if you agreed to support the voyage. If you don't do this, I will look for another king that will accept my offer and then you will regret your choice when you see how powerful they will become. Please consider everything I said in this message when making your decision. Thank you Sincerely, Ferdinand Magellan This time, he asked the spanish King Charles V. He gladly accepted because he wanted a new route to Asia. He a lot of trouble finding a crew. He had to take anyone that was willing to come, even prisoners. When he finished getting the 251 crew members he needed, they loaded the boat with food, trading items, and other useful things they would need. On September 20, 1519, they began the voyage that would become the first to sail the full circumference of the Earth. They were given five ships (caravels) from the government of Spain: the Trinidad which was the ship commanded by Ferdinand, the Victoria which was the ship commanded by Luis de Mendoza, the Conception which was the ship commanded by Gaspar de Quesada, the San Antonio which was the ship commanded by Juan de Cartagena, and the Santiago which was the ship commanded by Juan Serrano On December 13, 1519, they stopped in St Lucia bay to look for a way to pass through South America. Brazil was avoided because it was owned by the Portuguese. Their final stop before the islands was in Puerto San Julian because it was wintertime The Santiago is wrecked by a tropical storm in September. A mutiny then breaks out and the captains of the Victoria and Conception were both executed. Juan de Cartagena, captain of the San Antonio, was marooned along with the champlain. The San Antonio sailed back to Spain when the mutiny was done.
Most of the crew of the Santiago were rescued and the three remaining ships continued into what are now called the Magellan straits which let them pass through South America. At this point, it is already November, 1520 because they were struggling. Elcano and the rest of the crew that was left stopped on many the islands and loaded the Victoria and the Trinidad with goods like food which made the journey back to Spain easier since they were able to eat better food. When they were near the cape of good hope in May, 1522, the Trinidad is captured by the Portuguese and the Victoria continues as the last surviving caravel with about 15% of the original crew who are all determined to get back to Spain alive and be the men ever to circumnavigate the globe. Juan Sebastian Elcano, Antonio Pigafetta (wrote account of the voyage) and 16 other survivors arrived back in Sanlucar de Barrameda (which is the place the trip commenced) in September 6, 1522, almost three years since they left. None of the original ship captains survived Juan Sebastian Elcano Antonio Pigafetta Resources www.elizabethan-era.org.uk www.library.thinkquest.org www.asjj.ac.jp www.mrdowling.com www.rmg.co.uk www.truetotheblue.com www.garrygray.tripod.com www.history-timelines.org www.ucalgary.ca 1480 born in Sabrosa, Portugal 1490 Parents died and became page for the queen of Portugal 1505 Began voyage with Francisco de Almeida 1512 wounded in battle, had fight with Francisco and returned to Portugal 1513 King Manuel refuses to give support for Magellan's voyage After Manuel disagrees again, Ferdinand moves to Spain. Unlike the king of Portugal, King Charles agrees with the determined explorers plan. 1518 1519 1520 1522 1521 they set sail in September and in December they stop in St. Lucia bay they stop in Puerto San Julian for the winter. Later, the Santiago is destroyed during a storm they enter the straits for which Magellan where a mutiny breaks out and executions occur. The San Antonio ends up returning to Spain. when they leave the straits in October they become the first to sail into the Pacific when arrive on one of the islands, Magellan is killed and due to lack of crew members, they abandon the Conception The Trinidad is capture by Portuguese and Victoria arrives in Spain as the only surviving ship Timeline Of Ferdinand Magellan Here is some extra information that is all in one place!!! The Battle Of Mactan Ferdinand Magellan Expedition As you can Ferdinand Magellan was an amazing person who made an impact on history. Even though he never made it across the Earth himself, he led most of the way. It could have been a long time until someone decided to lead a voyage that would circumnavigate the world. Sir Francis Drake was the second man to do this but he might not have had the courage to do it if no one had done it before. Another funny thing is that we actually named the strait he passed through after him. He named it the all saints strait. There is also a GPS company called Magellan and many other things named after him like the Magellanic Penguin which he found. Thank You For Wathcing Thanks For Watching Thanks For Watching December 7, 1520

We have been away from our homes in Spain for over a year now. We have recently entered new waters which I call Pacific because of its calmness. Even though we have gotten here, I am still worried because we have already lost two ships. The Santiago is at the bottom of the sea and the San Antonio abandoned our fleet . Before that, we had a mutiny . I did not want to execute or maroon anyone but it was getting way out of hand. I'm going to try to get at least a few minutes of sleep December 8, 1520

It makes me wonder what I look like when I glance at my green-faced crew members. It's horrible to watch them suffer from scurvy which is the main cause of death for us. The worst thing is to see some of the men barf out the contents of rats. December 9, 1520

Today I gave the crew a nice treat of pork and chicken. I was going to try to save it for longer but they deserved it. By the end of the day we cover more than 100 miles. It appears that we will reach the equator in less than two months. December 10, 1520

For now, everyday is pretty much the same. Work, eat disgusting foods, try to sleep and a few other things I don't want to mention. December 11, 1520

As captain, my job is to give orders to my crew. I also navigate us through the oceans by using tools that tell me our ship's location at sea. Some of the tools are charts, compasses, sundials, hourglasses and cross-staffs. December 12, 1520

Another sailor sadly dies from the horrible cursed disease called scurvy. December 13, 1520

I look around and see crew bailing water, tugging on ropes, looking out from above, and drinking wine and beer. Another typical day. December 14, 1520

I wake up from my cramped spot on deck and look out at the sea. We still have a long way ahead of us but it will be worth it I say to myself.
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