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The Components Of Fitness

Health And Skill

joey healy

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of The Components Of Fitness

The Components Of Fitness
Health and Skill
Agility is being able to
change your direction
and the speed you are traveling at.
turns and sharp corners is where agility comes in. You must change your direction and slow down to avoid a defender. Agility is usually seen in sports like football or tennis. Agility is more important in fast paced sports as oppose to less high intensity sports like golf.
Speed is one of the most common components of skill related fitness seen in sports. Speed is know as to do something or for something to happen quickly. Being able to
move a body part quickly
like your legs in running or your arm in tennis can result in running faster or hitting the ball harder.
Reaction Time
Reaction time or time of reaction is
how quickly your brain can react
to a situation. This is a very important skill in sports like running or soccer. For example in a soccer penalty shot the goalie must react once the ball moves and they must do this in a split second.
Balance is an
even distribution of weight applied to the body
. Balance allows you to take a hit and stay on your feet in sports like football or to walk across a beam in gymnastics. Balance is important because with sharp turns or sudden stops you need to stay on your feet.
Coordination is using arms, legs or any parts of the body to move
smoothly and efficiently
. A coordinated athlete can make smooth body movements, not shaky or jerky movements. However there is more than one type of coordination; Hand eye, asyndetic and monosyndect are just a few types.
The skill of power is made up of force and speed. The
you apply force to something
the more powerful
you will move or shoot or throw. Power is an important component of fitness because it decides how much or how hard you apply the other components in physical activity.
Cardio-Respiratory Endurance
Cardio-respiratory endurance is known as the body's circulation ability and respiratory systems
ability to fuel the body during physical activity
. Cardio-respiratory endurance helps you to do longer length sports like marathons or soccer and basketball games.
Muscular Endurance
Muscular endurance is known as your muscles being able to
perform for a long period of time
without fatigue. Your muscular endurance decides how long you can perform and how hard you can perform without damaging your body.
Muscular Strength
Muscular strength is known as how much
weight we can apply to our muscles without damaging
them. Weight lifting is a key way to improve your muscular strength. Muscular strength is not just important in the arms but also in the thighs and the calves.
Body Composition
Body composition is the amount of muscle, fat,bone and other vital parts of the body. In other words it is a persons
total body weight
, every part of your body's total mass.
Flexibility is a wide
range of motion around one or more joints.
Your flexibility can prevent pulled joints, muscles and even broken bones. Flexibility is important in all sports physical activities. Without flexibility an athlete could not perform to there best ability without getting injured.
To really be fit you must first have developed
of these components of fitness. Certain components are more commonly seen in athletes than others but all are important. A good athlete is not just well developed under skill but health as well, both skill related components of fitness and health related components are equally important.
By: Joe Healy

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