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The effects of discriminatory practice in health and social

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ellen hamblin

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of The effects of discriminatory practice in health and social

The effects of discriminatory practice in health and social care !
This is where people may feel like they are not part of the main group in society.

Research has explored a wide range of discrimination cases for example the journal of social works 2009 edition looked at the marginalisation of older lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgendered people in homophobic communities.
They have also looked at cases of marginalistion in children with HIV/AIDS.

Restricted opportunities
All different types of discrimination can lead to someone not using health and social care services and this could lead to poorer health.
This discrimination can be done by individuals, the health and social care organisation or even the government.
The impact of discrimination on the victim
The impact that disrimination has on everybody involved is very big and can effect people in many different ways.
Disempowerment is where people or groups of people feel less powerful or confident in themselves.
Those who are discriminated against by a group of people may feel disempowered.
The individual who is being discriminated against may feel depressed because they have lost the fight against discrimination.
What is discrminatory practice ?
Discriminatory practice is where someone is discriminated against because of their gender, age, vulnerabilty or if they are disadvanteged.
Discrimination can have a very negative effect on people because it could hurt their feelings or even some types of discrimination can physically hurt them.
Stop Discrimination
Negative Behaviour
Aggression or crimes can be caused by people discriminating against each other.
People who experience hardship may change their behaviour because they may take their frustrations out on the police, teacher or other health care professionals. This type of negative behaviour can be either verbal or physical or even both.
Low self-esteem
Discrimination can lead to people losing their self-esteem and someone with low self-esteem can experience negative self identity, which could then lead to depression.

Some people even have low-esteem before they use the health and social care services.

A health and social care professional must ensure that someone keeps their high self-esteem or if it is low help mage it higher.
Examples in health and social care settings
There is overt discrimination in Ohio because in the suburbs of cincinnati they can vote for their president at the beginning of october, however in Cincinnati the voting ended early and they banned voting on weekends.

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