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How to survive civic mirror? PAY ATTENTION.

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faye obrien

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of How to survive civic mirror? PAY ATTENTION.

How to survive civic mirror.
In civic mirror it is critical to pay attention to every single detail. If you don't pay attention in any of the seasons you wont know what to do or what is going on in your country. For all you know your government could be doing selfish things or your country could be in jeopardy, so if you don't pay attention how are you suppose to know whats going on and possibly do something about it that could help you during the game?
Being nice won't get you every where
In this game of civic mirror being nice to people won't get you everywhere. You need an equal balance of evil and nice because, you can get things by being nice but not everyone is so you have to use some deceiving skills on them to get what you want or need. In civic mirror people are greedy and all they want is to have the most amount of money and status points, this means you have to negotiate with those difficult people and sometimes giving in to there high prices isn't a good option, you might have to try and sneak something else into the deal if possible.
Solutions not problems
In civic mirror there are many problems that occur while playing the game. Such as people taking over the government stealing, cheating, lying, conspiring also people not playing fairly. I understand people do these things to accomplish their hidden agenda and get more status/ well being points, but the things people come up with is ridiculous. Many conflicts come up during town hall and our issues never came to a conclusion so we never had any solutions to our problems which created more problems and more conflict between the class.
I think people lost attention after a few years because the government was stupid and we had barley any say in anything. In civic mirror if you didn't pay attention which many people didn't then you would have no idea what was going on. When people didn't pay attention some people seized the chance to attack someone who was vulnerable and do whatever they could to harm them in some kind of way. Some people left there account logged on so someone else took all their money or people would change the constitution but that never did work out. So the lesson here is if you don't pay attention in civic mirror there are consequences to pay.
Being nice in civic mirror definitely won’t get you everywhere. In civic mirror peoples hidden agendas bring out the best and worst in people. If someone is a fascist than their objective is to get power & take over which did happen and you can’t really be nice to them when they are making your life miserable. People who actually play by the rules and participate are the nice ones, its nice to not have people trying to screw you over 24/7. At the same time being nice won't always get what you want because you're too nice to bargain with the jerks that hike up the prices, or you're too nice to speak up and let your country fall deeper into a hole. This means in a civic mirror country you need to have an equal balance of good and bad people because then it would be boring, the country wouldn't have any flaws in it.

Being nice won't get you everywhere
Solutions not problems

In my civic mirror class throughout all of our years and seasons we always had conflicts. We had conflicts between people and conflicts with the government and the game itself. In town hall people would always bring up problems that we had, somehow we always argued and never solved any of those problems. I was somewhat an active citizen in town hall because I shared my opinion and brought up some really good solutions. I thought that we should have destroyed the power plant so the game would end because by that point I was very frustrated and so was the rest of the class. Even though over the years we passed laws to make our country a better place and solved some problems Onavlov Dnal ended terribly. Our country was broken and we ended up splitting up and making two civic mirror countries because we couldn't agree on a solution to our problems. So I have learned throughout this game is to get anywhere in life or in a game you need to look past the problems and find a solution or else nothing will get done.
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