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Sense of Self

No description

Raneem K

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Sense of Self

Q3. List 5 Positive Influences on one's Sense of Self. Self esteem is how we feel about what we believe about ourselves. It is the self worth or personal value we communicate to others. Sense of Self The Impact of Society and The Media on one's Sense of Self Q2. List 5 Negative influences
on ones Sense of Self By Raneem Kazal 9N Q1. Describe the terms Self - esteem and Sense of Self Self - Esteem Sense of Self - Sense of self is what we believe about ourselves - the knowledge, information and judgements we have
from our experiences and relationships with others. Academic ability is an example of what can influence our sense of self. Information from PDHPE Book 1. Failures in life
2. Negative Comments from others
3. Limited/Poor Relationships
4. Unkind 'friends' or no friends at all
5. Bullies 1. A loving, supportive family
2. Caring friends
3. Good Health and Fitness
4. Compliments from others
5. Successes Information from PDHPE Book Information from PDHPE Book These influences are particularly hard for teenagers to undergo. The following things can make a teenager feel alone, isolated and empty, which can unfortunately lead to self harm, or in an extreme case, suicide. The following influences are ideal for everyone.
A person who has all of these things will most likely feel happy, complete and have am optimistic out look on life . They would have very high Self - esteem and confidence and generally feel 'good' about themselves. Both the society and the media play a big part when it comes to influencing one's sense of self. The main subject these two things influence is, of course, body image. Teenage Girls, these days, believe that in order to be beautiful, they must fulfill the requirements of model. Tall, long legs, flawless complexion and be severely underweight. The number of girls who are currently starving themselves in order to lose weigh is sickening. It doesn't help that teenage girls happen to be obsessed with magazines. Although, people who photo shop these images, only photograph models who are sticks, and put these photographs in magazines do not take this into consideration. People need to learn to accept their body's and be happy with their appearance. It is the beauty within that counts. Digitally Enhanced Photography This refers back to the media and its impact on one's sense of self. Digitally Enhanced Photography helps to remove any flaws from a photograph and make the feature of the photograph, usually a model, look immaculate. You can only imagine how teenage girls respond to these images. They aspire to be a replicate of the model, however what they don't know it that the photography is fake . Digitally enhanced photographs are most commonly found in magazines, by coincidence, magazines that are made to appeal to teenage girls. Use of Lighting and Shading This again refers to photography taken and edited to make models look flawless. These are simply two factors that contribute to how a model
looks in a photograph. They help make the setting look bright and add to the ' feel' of the scene. Expectations of Males and Females in Society and the Workplace The expectations of males and females nowadays are quite prominent. Males are the 'bread winners' of the family and are expected to provide for their family, whist females are expected to stay at home, cook, clean and care for the children. The media plays a huge role in reinforcing these stereotypes. For example, in most advertisements you will find women with the kids at the shops, as opposed to men. You will very seldom see a man in one of these advertisements. This reinforces the point that men go to work, whilst women stay home and look after the children. Another example is army commercials. We only ever see men in these ads, which again introduces the stereotype the women should not participate in the army. Thank you
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