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BMC Control-M V9

No description

VPMA Global Services

on 21 April 2018

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Transcript of BMC Control-M V9

Cross-platform Scheduling
- No application-specific skill required
- Avoid developing in-house scripts
- Drag-and-drop job creation
- Utilise the existing Control-M features
- Write your own integrations
- Visualised job flow & execution status
- Personalising the view
- Real-time alerting & paging
- Alert filtering
- Locating problematic jobs
- Integration with ITSM systems
- Critical path analysis (BIM)
- Update active jobs on-the-fly
- Hold/kill/rerun/bypass
- Manage by exceptions
Auditing & Reporting
- Who did what and when (auditing)
- Better understanding of "what's running"
- Spotting issues and gaps in the job flow
- Reduce overall processing window
Self Service
BMC Control-M V9
Solution Overview
Technical Challenges
Cross-platform processing flows
Complex job dependencies
Event triggering
Application-specific scheduling requirements
Integration with real-time systems
Business Challenges
Shorter development & testing cycle
Shrinking processing window
Reporting & auditing requirements
On-demand self service
Security requirements
SLA penalties
Triggering Methods
Application Add-ons
Monitoring Domain
Planning Domain
Viewing the Past & Future
Control-M Supports
- All supported Windows Releases
- Major UNIX/Linux distributions
- AS/400
- HP OpenVMS
- Tandem
- Agentless Technology (using SSH or WMI)
Date & Time based
- Sophisticated calendar rules
- Set-time triggering
- Cyclical execution
Single Point-of-view
- View logs & output
- Handle kill & rerun
- Passing parameters
Event based
- File arrival
- Creating jobs on-demand
- Human confirmation / Self-service
- API / web service interface
- Control-M internal events (e.g. job failures)
- Logical resource constraints
- Global start/stop rules
- Checking in/out
- Shared Workspace
- Mass updates & templates
- Job definition version control
- Event-based playback
- Time-based playback
- Gantt chart view
- Apply what-if scenarios
Workload Change Manager
- Simplified Web GUI for creating requests
- Enforce site standards
- Streamline Job creation/update/removal process
BMC Control-M/Enterprise Manager
BMC Control-M for Informatica
BMC Control-M for SAP, Business Objects & Business Objects Data Integrator
BMC Control-M for Oracle E-Business Suite
BMC Control-M for Oracle Business Intelligence
BMC Control-M for Oracle Retail
BMC Control-M for PeopleSoft
BMC Control-M for Databases
BMC Control-M for Hadoop
BMC Control-M Business Process Integration Suite
BMC Control-M for Cloud
BMC Control-M for IBM Cognos
BMC Control-M for IBM InfoSphere DataStage
BMC Control-M for Symantec Netbackup
BMC Control-M/Forecast
BMC Batch Impact Manager
BMC Control-M Self Service
BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer / Managed File Trnasfer Enterprise (Add-on)
BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager (Add-on)
BMC Control-M Workload Archiving (Add-on)
BMC Control-M Workload Automation Platfrom Package
BMC Technical Support
Managed File Transfer
- Built-in FTP and SFTP server
- Interactive Dashboard
- Display and search transfers by file name
Workload Archiving
- Long term storage for job log and output
- Line-by-line comparison for troubleshooting
- Dedicated database and GUI server
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