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Five themes of geography: France

The five themes of geography for the European country France.

Cailin Rose

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Five themes of geography: France

By Cailin Rose France Location Region Place Human Environment Interaction Movement Verdon Gorge in Provence Eiffel Tower at night The Eiffel tower, the Gorge at Provence, and The Prince Palace are some man-made and natural landmarks that make France special. People from all over the world come to see these and other landmarks. The Channel tunnel is an example of Human Environment interaction because humans created a passage across a body of water. The effect people can get to different countrys For food they eat rich delicious foods that are homemade. They most commonly drink wine. France produces and exports wine, crops, fish clothing, and cars. They communicate by speaking french, and through manners. They get around with cars, trains, buses, taxis, and the Channel Tunnel. The French wear very elegant clothes. They are known to be the Fashion capital of the world. The weather is cool in the winter and mild in the summer. So most of the time they wear basic clothing. (see pictures) Absolute location: 48 degrees North, 2 degrees East Relative location: North of the Mediterranean Sea, South of the United Kingdom, East of Switzerland, West of the Atlantic ocean, and South-west of Germany. Capital: Paris There are 22 regions in France. The Region I chose is Brittany. It is a Physical region because it is next to the English channel and the Atlantic ocean. I think traders and fisherman would want to live there. Traders because they can trade with ships from other countries. Fisherman because they can fish for their product. The Prince's Palace
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