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NEOs (Near Earth Objects)

No description

Victor Logan

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of NEOs (Near Earth Objects)

What is a NEO?
How do We Prepare/Stop an Asteroid Strike
NEOs (Near Earth Objects)
By Joeseph Suchyta and Victor Logan
NEOs are Near Earth Objects such as asteroids and comets that are within 1.3 AU (approximately 200 million km) of the sun and will come within 28 million miles of Earth's orbit. Man made space junk is not considered a NEO but still poses a threat to Earth.

The 4 types of NEOs are
NEA (Near Earth Asteroids)
PHO (Potentiality Hazardous Objects)
NEC (Near Earth Comets)
EAC (Earth Approaching Comets)

Nasa has found up to 10,000 NEOs that pose a threat to Earth. Over 1,000 of these are big enough to obliterate most life on Earth.
Effects of a NEO Strike
The cost of a mile wide asteroid hitting earth would be the end of humanity. The amount of energy released from the asteroid would be equal to 10 million Hiroshima
atomic bombs and would flatten out everything within a 200 mile radius. The plume of debris shot into the atmosphere would lower world temperatures; destroy the food chain; and kill off the rest of humanity.

If an asteroid the size of a 20 story building hit New York City it would do the same amount of damage as a hydrogen bomb and effectively level the city, causing widespread and massive economic, environmental, and personal damages.

Even an asteroid a foot in diameter would release the same amount of energy as 4 tons of TNT and could level a house.
We currently have no way to stop an asteroid from hitting Earth. However, scientists at Nasa and even random people are currently designing new ways to stop an asteroid and have come up with 3 different ideas.

The first one is a "Kinetic impact prevention". This would be a large satellite that would push the asteroid out of its orbit.

The second one is a "High mass satellite". This would be a satellite made of very dense material giving it a greater gravitational pull. The satellite would travel near the asteroid and over time pull it out of its orbit.

The third one is a "Missile". This would blow the asteroid up and stop it. However some scientists believe that the large chunks that once were part of the asteroid will still hit earth.

The government has no plans if an asteroid where to hit Earth.
Can we Predict when a NEO will strike?
Yes and No. Scientists estimate that they have located only about 30% of all the NEOs in our Solar System. Scientists are able to predict if and when these discovered NEOs will hit Earth. However, scientists estimate that about 70% of NEOs are still undiscovered. We cannot predict if and when these undiscovered NEOs will hit Earth.
Resource List
Video- YouTube (Web Page)

Info-Nasa (Web Page), The Universe Season 1 Episode 4 (Documentary), How Stuff Works (Web Page)

Pictures-Google Images Search (Web Page)
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