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Azim Mahmud

on 13 December 2013

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Process Models
Inventory Management
Service Design
Innovation Policy
Quality Management
Measuring Quality
Defining Quality - SERVQUAL

As the quality team it is our duty to make sure that the quality of the resort is at the best standard possible. By improving the quality of the resort this should lead to improved customer satisfaction which is the main objective for this resort. The only way to do this is to look at what areas are not to the standard wanted and looking at how to develop those areas.

What is quality?
This is a quality focused approach to improving operations. TQM looks at the continuous improvements made by management teams and the quality team. The first step to TQM is through the process of preventing, detecting and correcting quality problems which is defined as quality assurance.
Quality Process
Who is responsible for quality management?
The quality teams main objective is to come up with ways to improve the quality of the resort. It is then up to the management teams to implement the procedures brought forward by the quality team.
As the figures suggest, bringing the quality team in could lead to a large amount of money being saved. If their projects are correctly utilised and used by the management teams there is potential for the financial figures to look much healthier. As long as the quality team use the right strategies and keep up to date with their projects then it should start to improve profit.
The Objectives
The quality team has been brought in to try and deal with several problems that have come to light. The main objective for the quality team is to improve the customers experience when they are at the resort but there are several other factors the team will have to look at:

Improving the amount of waste that is being created in the catering area of the resort.
Improve the overall profit of the resort.
Improve the site facilities
The perceptual maps gives an understanding of where the company wants to get. If it wants to attract more guests then they will have to raise their standards accordingly. A relatively high performance in comparison with a high level of quality at the resort should make it more appealing in the near future.

As for the FMEA, it looks at certain areas that can be improved in order to raise the standards of the resort. By identifying where the issues lie it will make it easier for the Quality Team to start to look at bringing in new ideas to improve the lower standard areas
Having an adequate inventory management policy could help the resort quite a lot. As the ABC analysis shows some items account for a total value of over 50% overall. The biggest items need to be looked over continuously by the management staff to make sure that everything is well stocked at all times. When looking at inventory factors such as seasonal demands need to be taken into consideration so that additional inventory can be brought in to meet the demands. In terms of the Quality team itself a P system should suffice in order to bring in inventory need to do their
job as easily and comfortable as possible
The Quality Teams Business card
Guest Life Cycle
One plan that RQT could use is Anthony’s Hierarchy for planning. It looks at 3 stages of planning wherein one stage can also be looked at as scheduling too. The three stages consist of Long-Range Planning, Intermediate Range Planning (APP) and Short-range Planning also known as scheduling. If RQT adopts this plan it can start to look at what areas need to be consistently monitored and what areas need to be taken into consideration in terms of seasonal changes.

Long Range Planning:
• This form of planning can allow RQT to look at implementing new management teams or installing new processes for current management teams. These plans can then be used for a large period of time to help with things such as staff training.
• New quality systems can also be put into place by RQT to improve the services provided by the resort in the future. Systems can also help with the day to day running of the resort by management staff

Intermediate-Range Planning:
• This will enable RQT to start looking at requirements that will need to be met in the near future.
• How to improve profitability can be included in this section as RQT will need to try and boost the profits for the resort as soon as possible.
• Forecasting for upcoming seasonal demands can also be looked at in this instance and the team will need to ensure they consolidate themselves with enough inventories to see them through the higher demanding seasonal periods such as school holidays and Christmas vacations.

Short-Range Planning (Scheduling)
• This can be brought in to deal with day to day activities that need to be addressed.
• Improving customer service can be monitored to ensure that guests are being dealt with much quicker and staff are trained adequately to deal with any problem.
• Assigned project time can be measure in this section as the team can look to start putting together new projects for the resort to help with areas that are struggling.
• Meetings can be arranged with managers to ensure they are fully notified with what is expected of their respective management areas and that any problem should be looked at as soon as possible.

Planning and Scheduling
As some of the areas suggest, hiring a resort quality team could be very beneficial for the resort not just in the near future but in the long run also. The resort quality team can improve profitability and the customer service received at the resort by implement new innovative systems. Not only could this lead to better customer experiences but can expand to new customer bases in the future through word of mouth from previous guests, leading to even bigger profits.
Any Questions???
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