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Mercury Levels of Fish Test

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Prezi Performer

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Mercury Levels of Fish Test

Mercury Levels of Fish Test
By: "Lew" Sterling Jr.

This is a test I created that is all based upon fish.
This will determine how good you are about both mercury and fish.
When you take this test, guess to see if the type of fish given has high mercury, medium/moderate mercury, or low mercury. After you finish this test, check your answers in Nordic Natural's Mercury Levels in Fish.
Note: If it says "overfished" does not fully mean that it is high in mercury. It can be high in mercury, but not all overfished are high in mercury. This also might currently be the longest Prezi I have ever done.
14. Carp
17. Scallops
20. Plaice
4. Tilefish (overfished)
9. Oyster
23. Croaker
26. Orange Roughy (overfished)
1. Bass
2. Mullet
3. Perch
6. Squid
7. Tuna (Yellowfin)
8. Tuna
11. Flounder
12. Mackerel
13. Seabass
15. Catfish
16. Pollock
18. Clam
21. Swordfish
22. Weakfish
(Sea Trout)
24. Bluefish
25. Snapper
27. Halibut
28. Tilapia
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
5. Sablefish
10. Mahi Mahi
19. Shrimp
Background Music
The theme song of the
Exodia The Forbidden One


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