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this is a test presentation

Jo Cab

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Test

On the website you answer some questions and get a solution
Open Account
But why the doors are not obvious?
Proportions are too different, is not clear the options and how can a client can learn about them
Term Deposits & Savings
On a single screen all options and what i can gain from them
a lot better has propotions are more similar
Last but not least
Don't close doors!
People will do what you asks them to do as long it his clear that they will gain an edge. It's our job to prove that.
Make the options visible
Process creation rules
Keep client focus on the objective and you will gain more
Just 1 way
Keep it Simple
Don't hide options
Make it comparable
Can only be applied in limit situations, where a single option is available
Clear objectives raise focus and satisfaction.
Makes it more rewarding to clients.
If client can compare it the focus will raise. Because he will have a high degree of trust.
Related information must be accessible at all time, otherwise client will go back and front to search for it.
Because stressful and loose efficiency.
Just 1 way
3 doors to click to get money
Doors start to disappear, but they don’t know
Doors will disappear, but each time you change you have a penalty
Doors will disappear but are a click away from reappearing
Can only be applied in limit situations, where a single option is available.
Given a simple setup and a clear goal, all of us are quite happy at pursuing the source of our satisfaction
Has created stress and test subject has forgotten the goal: gather has much money has possible
Creates stress, people tend to forget the goal
Also the same behaviors, stress is created just by removing the options
Quick recap
I want to change the text
Added value in fund selection
Tools that help clients decide are hidden in the bottom of the page
Good example of proportions and visual links
Highlight the services that show Banco Best Know-how
Keeping the doors open
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