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200% (Group E)

No description

Kitty Li

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of 200% (Group E)

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WinWin Situation!
The Most Impressed SNS Marketing Campaign
The Most Impressed SNS Marketing Campaign
2nd Workshop Presentation
200% (Group E)

Fans with me!
Idea from CNBLUE concert event
There is a Celebrity Effect
1. Join BAND

2. Do something together
Advantages of BAND
Fans with me!
Fans with me!
Advantages of BAND
Advantages of BAND
1. Well-organized Gathering
2. Photo Album
3.Video Uploading
4. Easy Invitation
Share about make-up,traveling
More close to people
-every fan can participate in voting
-number of fans joining the event
can be easily counted
-photos of the youtubers
from all events and
-fans can get video updates
directly and give comments
Other SNS Limitation
'Share A Coke' by Coca Cola
Australians are not familiar with Coca Cola
Get personal to arouse public attention

Fans want to communicate and gathering with them

7% increase in young adult consumption
3% sales transaction increase
4% sales volume increase
870% increase in traffic
760,000 virtual Coke cans shared
12,020,000 earned media impression
to the brand & its
-fans can be added to BAND group
in a variety ways, such as:
i) QR code
ii) LINE
iii) Facebook, etc.
without revealing our personal information
Youtubers having Instagram Fans Club
comments Include advertisements
interact with fans directly
One-way communication

For BAND - Youtubers have Powerful social influence:
Other SNS Limitation
Maximum 100 members in a group
Phone number is needed for invitation

People will be more familiarity with BAND!
For youtubers - Create a BAND Fans Club:
Slove limitation from other SNS tools.
CNBLUE's Band group is just for an
event not a real fans club that
without management.
join the private account
5. Low Limitation of Maximum
Group Member
-Maximum 1,000 members in a BAND
- direct interaction between fans in the
chat room
3. Satisfaction
Well Organized Structure for operations of Fans Club
Achieved Goal –
Easily meet with my idol

1. Interaction
Giving more chances to meet with people
Increasing communication (Verbal & Non-verbal)
2. Social Influence
Attractions for Fans – Celebrity Effect
Habit Changes – From Other SNS Channel to
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