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Water Pollution

No description

Christie T

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Water Pollution

What are the effects of water pollution? By: Christie Trinh What causes water pollution? Industrial Wastes & Sewage Oil Spills Health Effects Oil spills can occur when a tanker, boat, or pipeline breaks down or there is an accident.
Oil spills can spread rapidly.
This can ENDANGER many different types of sea life!
The Office of Response and Restoration states "that spills can be caused by people making mistakes or being careless....." Water pollution can effect our health and animals' health!
Pollution can cause many diseases that are fatal to us.
Pollutants can cause lack of oxygen, causing the inhabitants to die, also known as a dead zone.
This pollution can cause contamination of ground water.
Waters that are outside of plants or industries can be affected very heavily. The effects of water pollution are health problems for both humans and animals, reduced resources, and destroying of ecosystems. Ways to track pollution.
Point-source: Able to trace back to a specific place.
Non-point source: Hard to identify source or has many different sources. Key Terms:
Point source
Non-point source
Clean Water Act
Dead zone What is pollution?
Pollution is the dirtying of a substance ,something that should not be there in the first place. Garbage! This can cause sea life to mistake your trash for food!
When out of hand, this can create a unappealing beach, lake, or rivers.
Overtime this problem will grow out of hand.
Human recreational activities, such as fishing, might end. Ways To Help! Many toxins are poured into the waters because of these two sources.
These can cause mutations in sea life or even death.
Melody J. Hunt of World Book Online states that "..disinfection does not remove harmful chemicals..... ,or harmful metals..." You can donate or sponsor Nation Resources Defense Council.
Talk to a variety to people.
Have pep rallies to support cleaning our waters.
Just going out and cleaning your beach or lake can help also! Works Cited Dragonfly, Project. "Water Pollution." (2002): n. page. Web. 15 Apr. 2013. <http://www.units.muohio.edu/dragonfly/water/h2oindex.shtml>.

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Ramirez, Pedro Jr. "Oil Well Pollution." Digitalmedia.fws.gov. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 17 July 2008. Web. 24 Apr. 2013. <http://digitalmedia.fws.gov/cdm/singleitem/collection/natdiglib/id/7874>.

Winerman, Lea. "Study: Oil-Eating Microbes Plentiful in Gulf Oil Spill." PBS. PBS, 24 Aug. 2010. Web. 25 Apr. 2013. <http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/2010/08/study-oil-eating-microbes-plentiful-in-gulf-oil-spill.html>. Solutions! Teaching others about this world-wide problem can maybe have them set their minds to help instead of cause.
There are microorganisms that are able to eat oil. Many are working in the Gulf Oil Spill.
Follow laws that are set.
The Clean Water Act was established in 1972.
A law passed to promote clean water. Runoff is anything that runs off of its source.
There are many different types of runoff, such as agricultural, and road or streets.
Runoff can collect many different toxins wastes or disease carrying organisms. Runoff! To prevent you must set an example! World-Wide Issue Causes!!!!! A Little Pollution Can Go a Long Way Water pollution is very hazardous and can cause health problems, destroying of ecosystems, and less natural resources. Hello There! Pollution is a human caused problem, if we created it, can't we fix it? Picture taken by Trinh, Christie Points to bodies of water. No More Resources? Natural waters provide us with clean water, food, and recreational activities.
Pollution can cause beaches to be gross looking, or swimming to be unpleasant.
Fish can be killed with the little oxygen in the water, or be fatal to us. Water pollution is caused by different things.
Industrial wastes
Sewage water
Oil spills
Direct contact Tell me!
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