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Hanover v2

No description

John Barlow

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of Hanover v2

During ACC2.8 million impressions from 291 Twitter
mentions of Amgen or Repatha from 184 users
Peak of 170 tweets at time of Fourier results
57% of tweets from those of high authority

Top hashtags associated with Amgen and Repatha at ACC
BRIEF-Regeneron and Sanofi to present new phase 3 praluent (alirocumab) injection clinical trial analyses at ACC.17 Scientific Sessions.
Praluent's cardiovascular benefit ral ODYSSEY is expected to read out in December 2017
On the one hand...
" 'Huge advance' in fighting world's biggest killer "
" Powerful new cholesterol drug helps statins slash the risk of heart attack: Medication could save thousands of lives every year "
" HEART ATTACK DRUGS BOOST New wonder drug can ' slash risk of heart attack, stroke or death by QUARTER ' compared with just statins "
" Mixing new drug with statins can reduce risk of heart attack "
On the other hand...
" Did Amgen's Repatha cut CV risks enough to make it cost-effective? Analysts say no "
Repatha outcomes data "less than stellar Analysts underwhelmed by latest results on Amgen's drug despite it seeing some improvements "
ACC topics
ACC Buzz cloud
Top topics associated with Amgen and Repatha at ACC
" New drug that can 'switch off' heart disease could cut death rates by a FIFTH "
Amgen cholesterol drug cuts heart attack, stroke risk but shares fall
Amgen Drug Prevents Heart Attacks, Not Deaths, Disappointing Experts
A Heart Attack-Prevention Drug Disappoints...Wall Street
Hot on the heels...
In light of Fourier data, what future for Alnylam and TMC's PCSK9 inclisiran?
ACC hashtags
Repatha reduced the risk of

by 20% compared with standard treatment with statin drugs

A 15% reduction in the risk of the



was seen, which included hospitalisation for unstable angina, coronary revascularisation, heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular death.
Repatha reduced the rate of
heart attacks

by 27% and
by 21%
It reduced
stents and heart bypass
procedures by
Buzz cloud associated with Amgen and Repatha at ACC
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