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TED Talk:

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brandon huynh

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of TED Talk:

TED Talk:
Lisa Kristine & Modern Slavery

What's the Global Issue?
“Slavery is illegal everywhere, but it is happening everywhere.”
Why is Slavery a Problem?
There are many reasons why slavery is illegal, but what all these reasons connect to dehumanization.
Some strategies that can improve the issue is to have NGO’s or even governments to directly intervene in places such as illegal mines and brothel to end the atrocities there.

What's Being Done to Improve it?
Organizations that move to abolish modern slavery intervene with families in poverty.

What Organizations are Involved?
Organizations such as Free the Children and Not For Sale, aim is to abolish child labor and slavery.
They will also inherit their families debt, resulting in being in slavery for most or all of their life.
Some people believe that slavery does not currently occur in modern day, but it traces back to ancient times, and still exists today.
2,500,000 million human beings are said to be trafficked at anytime -UN
Education is being provided to more citizens in developed countries about this global issue.
Not For Sale has successfully opened many rehabilitation centers: Peru, India, South Africa, the Netherlands, Romania and Thailand.
Not for sale also evaluates the origin of many industrial resources, help improve their supply chains, and provide knowledge to consumers of the impact on slavery.
Sex slavery are forced to have sex with anyone who chooses them or buys them and cannot refuse.

Children are forced to work for little or no pay
Sex slaves in India
If any of these slaves are refuse, they will receive harsh punishment
These children are only being used as slaves and will be receiving little to nothing in return.
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