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The obstacles Stanley overcame...

No description

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of The obstacles Stanley overcame...

The obstacles Stanley overcame...

Obstacle 2: Low self esteem
Stanley managed to over-come his low self esteem in a gripping and heart-warming way.
First of all, he lost the weight he had been meaning to lose his entire life. He also changed the life of one of his fellow detainees, Zero. He does so by teaching Zero to read. It made him feel like he had done something good for once. He made Zeros life better and that made him feel as though he was worth something. He developed a strong friendship with Zero and Zero stands up for him. He gives him the love and respect that he needs to feel worthy. This love and respect really benefits his view on himself and clearly makes him feel wanted.
Obstacle 3: Breaks the Zeroni curse
Stanley 's family had been under a terrible curse for hundreds of years . His great, great grand-father once forgot to re-pay the wise old witch 'Madam Zeroni'. He was supposed to carry her up a mountain, Causing his family an 'ever lasting curse'.
Coincidentally 'Zero', his best friend at camp Green Lake was the great, great grandson of 'Madam Zeroni'.
When the pair were escaping from the camp, Zero grew weak and collapsed. This caused Stanley to carrying him up the large mountain that hundreds of years ago Stanleys great, great grandfather promised to carry Madam Zeroni up!
Once Stanley reached the top, he broke the curse and saved his family from another life-time of bad luck.
Obstacle 4: Lonliness
Before arriving at Camp Green Lake, Stanley was the victim of bullying and had no friends.
He was lonely and misunderstood.
After experiencing the harsh regime of the camp, Stanley developed a close friendship with many of the other boys, including Zero - His soon to be best friend.
By being himself and being open and friendly Stanley made a good impression and managed to be on the 'good side' of all of his fellow detainees . He was able to be understanding, kind and his emotional intelligence was increased by a huge amount.
By gaining these skills he was then able to apply them to his later life and impress and make friends in any situation.
Obstacle 5: Taking control of his life.
Stanley managed to take control of his life during his stay at 'Camp Green lake. He does this by overcoming every obstacle he was faced with. This gave him life lessons and skills to apply to later life. He has the power to reach his full potential and to be a worthy member of society.

Obstacle 1:: His weight.

Stanley Yelnats overcame being over weight in the book 'Holes', by Louis Sachar.
After days and days of hard labour and digging many holes 'over his time at ''Camp Green Lake', Stanley developed a fitter and healthier life style.
He became stronger both physically and mentally by doing so.
Stanley lost inches due to the lack of food and intense exercise at the camp. Developing a better attitude towards physical activity.
Overall Stanley managed to over-come his old eating and exercise habits and managed to finally lose the weight. This enabled him to achieve what he was truly capable of.
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