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3D Printing Pen

No description

Ethan Skrypnek

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of 3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen
What Type of Technology Would This be Considered?
This type of technology may fall under the category "Electronic Entertainment". It can be used to create any object or shape that you desire to create. You can make this activity a hobby, and if you have enough experience and practice, your sculptures could sell for money. This pen can be fun to use, and profitable to you. Another category it could fall under is "Education". They can be used in school for students to understand 3D objects. It can also be used for inspiration for students that love Art, and they can use it to make their favorite sculptures, and other pieces of creativity. The pictures on the top are objects created by this pen, to test the limits of its capabilities. The picture on top is of multiple sculptures made by artists who have used this pen.
What Does This Technology Do?
This modern piece of innovative technology is capable of creating 3D shapes and objects in mid-air. It can be used to create elaborate designs and beautiful shapes much faster than going on the computer, creating the shape you want through complicated software, and printing it out. Some designs that have been created are bowls that are held by the strong, reinforced wax, and can even turn your own doodles into sculptures! The image on the right is an example of what the 3D printing pen can do. This artist has created a sculpture of the Eiffel Tower and and an Ostrich. The image on the left is a sculpture of a woman.
What is the History of this Piece of Technology?
How Does the 3D Printing Pen Work?
How this cutting-edge technology works, is by inserting the wax into the top of the pen, it travels through the body of the pen, and heats it up. As the wax exits the pen, it cools, instantly cooling and hardening to create objects in mid-air. It has its own chord that plugs into the outlet of the ordinary home.The chord charges the batter, and is ready for use as soon as it is charged. That is where it gets its electrical energy, that is turned into heat energy, that melts the wax. The picture on the right is the image of someone using the pen, and as you can see the body of the pen is quite large , and the wax being inserted at the top.
How will this technology be used on a large scale? Or will it?
I do not think that 3Doodler will not be used on large scale, because it is not something that people would rely on, or use on a day to day basis. Unless they improved the plastic, and made it stronger, and they could use to repair broken items, then it would most likely be used on a large scale, but the pen itself right now, is not something people rely on or lots of people use for everyday tasks. The image on the left is a picture of a high school student using a 3Doodler, and it shows him with a model Eiffel Tower next to him that he had created, and in his hand, the 3Doodler.
What Types or Alternative Versions of This Technology Came Before it?
3Doodler is the first 3D printing pen ever made, and so there has never been another item like this, until know. LIX has designed its own 3D printing pen, but instead of being large and bulky, this pen is small, light weight, and compact, and is able to travel around in your pocket with you. Its power source comes from a power cable that is plugged in to your computer. It also has a battery that is charged, making it available for use everywhere. The picture in this frame is a picture of what the LIX 3D pen can do.
Tech & Innovation

Originally, the "3Doodler" (as they tend to call it,) was intended to be launched 1 year and 6 months ago (December 2012). It was designed and created by Peter Dilworth and Maxwell Bogue. After their idea was announced, they still had not launched it because they wanted to make sure that their prototype was fully functioning, and to speak to more factories about their product. They needed more funds to accessorize and improve the 3Doodler, so they started a fundraiser on Kickstarter (link in bibliography.) It was officially funded in Mar 24, 2013. The picture on the bottom right is a picture of the creators of the 3Doodler, Peter Dilworth and Maxwell Bogue. the other three pictures are of the 3Doodler disassembled, in-action, and of the newest, upgraded version.
This technology does not help any human or animal in any way. If it were to help humans and other living creatures, it would have to be Eco-Friendly, in which it is not. It uses plastic, and plastic does not bio-degrade very well, too. Its only purpose is simply to entertain, and inspire. It
be energy efficient when it comes down to it compared to a 3D printer, but that is not really enough to call it "eco-friendly". The image on the left is a sculpture of a horse in motion, crafted by a very sure handed artist using this amazing invention.
How does this technology help humans or other living creatures?
Why is this technology considered “cutting edge” or “hi-tech”?
This invention is considered "hi-tech", because it has revolutionized how we draw and write. Usually we draw on paper in 2D (we only draw in two dimensions (width & height)), and the 3Doodler has pushed the limit, and by far exceeded it, by giving us the opportunity to seize our creativity, and create what we want without limits. This idea is considered "cutting edge" because it just wasn't an idea that was thought, it was an idea that was
, and
. It was an idea that many people would deem crazy, not brilliant. An idea that many people would think arrogant, not innovative. An
that most would think childish, not ingenious. That is why this invention is hi-tech and cutting edge. The image on the right is the word "hi-tech", to represent innovative ideas.
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