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Looking at how technology is a world issue.

Ashara Meidell

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Technology

Technology If you had to define technology...
what would you say? Technology in Our Lives - Alarm Clock
- Shower
- Sink
- Toilet
- Microwave
- Kettle
- Fridge
- Hair Dryer
- Straightener
- CD Player
- Ipod
- Blender
- Cell Phone
- Car
- Security Systems Technology really is everywhere.
It really is overpowering us. Do we really understand it? It is everywhere around us. Do we really know how far it's gotten? Are we really in control of it? Technology is
beginning to
humanity. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. What do you use? - Bright Link
- Computer
- Calculator
- Video Camera
- Digital Camera
- Speedometer
- Stethoscope
- PA System
- Microscope
- Television
- Bicycle
- Toaster
- Watch/Clock
- Cash Register
- Coffee Maker - Heater
- Air Conditioner
- Treadmill
- Other exercise equipment
- Medical equipment
- Vacuum
- Batteries
- Washing Machine
- Dryer
- Dishwasher
- Speakers
- Mechanical Pencils
- Stapler
- USB's
- Musical Instruments Physically - Technology is literally everywhere. From clocks to cars, people physically rely on technology to live their lives.

Socially - Over the past hundred years, technology has actually become a way of "socially" interacting, by entirely avoiding human contact (ex. radios, internet, cellphones).

Mentally - Humans have adapted the mindset that the more technology the better, therefore many are unwilling to deal with technological consequences. Technology
is not
all bad! Better Technology Enables... Better Technology Enables... Better Technology Enables... Better education. Look at all the technology we use in our school to enhance our learning. Developed countries with more advanced education systems, use technologies (bright links, computers etc.) unlike most developing countries. Better health care. With more prevention (vaccines), diagnosis (x-rays machines, CAT scans), and treatment technologies (chemotherapy, blood transfusions, transplants) countries have more advanced and effective health care systems. Better Overall Development. Research equipment (internet, computers) and other more complex technologies, allow for the creation and exploration of new technologies (DNA mapping, artificial intelligence, non-renewable energy sources). The problems
technologies. Are humans
playing God? Has technology
evolution? Are humans too
reliant on
tech? Technology
violence. The Issues. "the good story of such development has also brought with it the negative aspect whereby evil minds have benefited profusely... The Nuclear energy developed as an alternative source of energy has been misdirected towards the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). Rockets, which were supposed to be the tools for space exploration, have been extensively used for hitting the targets airborne with WMD."
- Nischal Dahal 2001 1945 1999 2013 2007 2004 Do violent movies and video games lead
to violent people? Although nothing has been proven for sure, studies have shown that "children who play violent video games, experience an increase in physiological signs of aggression" Some of the world's most disastrous events have been violence using technology. What's next? Is it right for humans to control things that might otherwise be out of our control?

There are many controversial issues in these areas. Abortion Birth Control Prolonging Life
& Euthanasia Genetic
Modification Stem Cells Cloning More connected,
but more distant than ever. - Thinking of human interaction as "awkward"

- Losing social skills

- Fear and avoidance of real human interaction Negative activity in the click of a button. - Cyberbullying
- Terrorism
- Gang involvement
- Hate groups
- Human trafficking
- Prostitution Unreliable Sources Are we becoming
impatient and lazy? omg why is this intrnt soooo
slw? :( mom can you
driv me to skool? Leads to the spread of untrue information. You tell me, "the strong pressure applied by natural selection during the evolution of our species has all but vanished. Natural selection once ensured that only the fittest survived and reproduced. Now almost everyone in the industrialized Western world can grow up to have children."
- Christopher Willis http://www.videobash.com/video_show/idiocracy-intro-245281 What can YOU do? 1. Don't lose hope

2. Remember that nothing can replace actual human interaction

3. Maintain Balance Education Balance Eliminate Isolation Progress for a
Purpose Stopping Evolution? Humans Playing
God Too Reliant
on Tech What can WE do? Technology and Violence The Problems with Communications
Technologies The End.
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