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H.I.P.P.C.O And its Meaning By: Sharai Adams

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Sharai Adams

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of H.I.P.P.C.O And its Meaning By: Sharai Adams

H.I.P.P.C.O And its Meaning By: Sharai Adams
HIPPCO is a acronym for many different meanings for each letter of the word. Each letter represents a way the
environment is affected by succession and evolution.
" H means habitat destruction"
. Habitat destruction is when the humans disturb the habitats of the animals by doing actions. Humans can disturb the habitat by: cutting down trees and polluting the air and water of the seas. People tend to pollute the air for their own needs. When people do this, they mess up the habitat for animals that live in that area. Animals will start to move away, but then humans will do the same exact thing to their new habitat.
Example Of Habitat Destruction
This is an example of people destroying the animals habitat. These are forests that has been cut down and used for human needs. Many animals could have lived there in those forests. As you can see this does not look too good.
The "I" means Invasive Species
. Invasive species is when a species start to overload and take things over and hunt things down. When a predator takes over and hunts down a whole other species to extinction is it being a invasive species. Usually, the species hunting is a species that usually dosen't have a competitor or a species hunting after it.
The first "P" means pollution
. Pollution these days in 2014 is waste water, trash, and fossil fuels from cars. These things get burned into the air and make the atmosphere layer, the "O Zone layer" weaken. And pollution is taken to the seas where it can kill living organisms in the water.
Examples of Invasive Species
A example of a invasive species is like a Tiger or a Lion. They do mostly hunting and nothing really comes after them to eat them. They do most of the eating. Also, a elephant is also a kin of invasive species. Nothing comes after it because it is too big.
Examples of Pollution
Pollution is just another word as littering. Also another word for messing up or making something dirty. Fossil fuels can pollute the air and trash can pollute the water or ground.
The second "P" means population
. Population plays a very big part in the world. Mainly everything depends on population. If you have a small number population of a species, its a possibility that species will die out. That's why everything reproduces. Over time (evolution) populations either increase or decrease.
Examples Of Population
Population is just a number of a certain species that life possibly depends on. Human have a population of billions around the world. Some animals have a good amount also.
The "C" means climate change.
Climate changes happen all over the world. Like how it is always cold in the south pole and the north pole because they are away from the equator. When the climate changes in some places, animals leave their habitat. And other animals come in place.
Examples for Climate Change
Climate changes can happen all over the world, mainly in spring or winter, or even summer.
"O" means over harvesting
Over harvesting is picking to many crops at once. Some animals need the crops that we need and using it all is not good for them because then they will not have anything to eat.
Examples of Over Harvesting
Over Harvesting is like taking too much of something also.
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