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You Can Make a Difference!

No description

S Hassan

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of You Can Make a Difference!

You Can Make a Difference!
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Purpose of this Project
What we did to make Grenoble Valley a better place
Let's Get Started...
-Ways to Improve-
Project Evaluation
Ways to Solve This...
The Question:
Did it Work?
Here's what the valley/mud river looked when we started our project
Before/After Pictures
By Radia, Sumaiya, and Sara
We are trying to:
-Clean up a valley
-make a park a better place
-create a welcoming environment
-create a change
Make a Difference!
Create Awareness
Create a Change
We put up posters to let everybody know the value of the valley. We also did a prezi presentation to let the the students of Grenoble P.S know that this environment is an important place to enjoy.
Did our efforts create a difference?
Let's Find Out...
Here's what it looks like now after 2 months
Can You See a Change?
We wanted to show the students of Grenoble how important the valley is. If they trash the valley, it will not be a good environment; for them, others, and future residents.
Create more appealing posters that will make the audience more captivated .
Take more pictures of the valley
Spread the message to the entire community; not only the school
Put more time and effort into it
For Helping Us
Why we chose this as our Hotspot:
The Grenoble Valley is a park that is near our homes. A lot of people enjoy going the park because they can have fun and spend time with others. But, we noticed that the valley isn't very clean. We don't want others to suffer just because some irresponsible people aren't aware of where they're putting their garbage. That's why we want to make a change.

So that's why we chose Grenoble Valley
Project Reflection
We learned that its very important to keep our community clean. Not only is it more fun to play in a clean area, but safer and enjoyable. You get happy in clean areas because there is no garbage to worry about. We are glad that we made this change. We also learned that when entering a clean area/park its more welcoming and people would like to come back. It was a really good idea that we chose the valley because no matter what time of the year it is, people are always there playing and having

What we would do differently
Instead of telling the students to keep the valley clean, we should have asked more people from the community because it's not only the students and schools property but the also the city's and the community
Problems we faced:
Days that were cold and windy and snowy or raining we couldn't go and evaluate the valley.
Things that were not affective
Posters were not that affective because they got ruined by the rain and most people didn't bother to read them
We couldn't always get together to work on the project
Survey Results
2 months ago, teachers at Grenoble rated the valley on a scale of 1-5.( 1 being dirty, 5 being clean). The total results were

2.625. Now it's...
We wouldn't always coordinate with each other
So did our idea work or not? Did the valley become cleaner after our efforts? We noticed that the hills in the valley look cleaner but the mud river isn't as clean because of the drainage system as the teachers in Grenoble said. We predict that nothing in the mud river will change unless city workers reply faster and come help. But, thanks to our efforts, the valley DOES look cleaner :)
"Mud River"
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