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Cell analogy project.

my project for analogies of organelles.

Trent Stabler

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Cell analogy project.

Cell Analogy Project
If the cell was a School Nucleus/Centrioles Cell wall Plastids (Chloroplasts)/ Vacuoles Cytoplasm/ Cell Membrane The Nucleus would be like a principal, because it controls how the school runs. Just like the nucleus controls all the parts of a cell.

The Centrioles would be like the teachers, because they control the flow of students in the hallways. Just like Centrioles control the microtubules of the cytoplasm during cell division. The Cell Wall would be like the walls of this school, because it protects the school from physical harm, and provides stability. Just like the cell wall protects the cell and provides sturdiness. The Plastids (Chloroplasts) would be like solar panels, because they transfer light to energy, and interact with light. Just like the Plastids (Chloroplasts) turn light energy into resources.

The Vacuoles would be like fridges in the cafe, because they store food, and are filled with liquid. Just like the Vacuoles store enzymes metabolic wastes, and like they are filled with protective fluids. The Cytoplasm would be like the showers, because people wash in them, and they stand in them after a workout. Just like organelles bath in the cytoplasm.

The Cell Membrane would be like the attendance office, because it can communicate to the whole school, and it controls who/what comes in and out of the school. Just like the cell membrane controls what is filtered into the cell, and it warns other organelles, and other cells of danger. Golgi Apparatus/ Mitochondria The Golgi Apparatus would be like the lockers, because they store things, and keep things organized. Just like the Golgi Apparatus helps packages, and sorts things for the cell.

The Mitochondria would be like the generator, because it creates energy, and transforms it into different forms. Just like the Mitochondria creates energy for the cell, and is the site for chemical reactions in the cell. Endoplasmic Reticulum/ Lysosomes The Endoplasmic Reticulum would be like the buses, because they carry students to school, and they can help transport things for the school. Just like the Endoplasmic Reticulum helps things get around in the cell.

The Lysosomes would be like the students, because eat food, and digest nutrients. Just like Lysosomes digest proteins. Ribosomes/ Cilia or flagellum The Ribosomes would be like the cafe, because it contains food and nutrients. Just like the Ribosomes contain protein and nutrients.

The Cilia or Flagellum would be like the janitors, because they clean the hallways, and help students get around. Just like the Cilia acts like a broom, and the flagellum assists in movement. Cytoskeleton The Cytoskeleton would be like the outside of the school, because it supports, and shapes the inside of the school. Just like the Cytoskeleton supports, and helps to maintain the cell.
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