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Wealth and Poverty In the Book of James

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Josiah Miller

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Wealth and Poverty In the Book of James

Wealth and Poverty James! The book of James is generally believed to have been authored by James the Just, half-brother of Jesus. It was likely written in the late 1st century or the early 2nd century, after the death of James. Regardless, scholars are fairly sure of a time frame between 40 and 100 AD. Currency in the New Testament Era The international currency of this setting would have been that of the Roman empire, which consisted of coins such as the "aureus", "denarius", and "sestertius." The most commonly mentioned in the New Testament is the denarius, which we know was a form of silver. One denarius was equal to about a day's wages (Matt. 20:2) "Mina" was a Greek form of money, equal to about 100 Denarii. The "shekel" that we read about in the Bible is a Hebrew form of money, which was equal to around 1.5 denarii. James 1:5-11 James 2:1 - 2:7 Two Kinds of Wisdom and Submitting to God Poor Person

Poor Person

Dirty Clothes

"Stand there" or "Sit at my feet" Wealthy Person

Gold Rings

Fine Clothes

"Have a seat
here, please" James 2:1 - 2:4 Actions of God for Poor

Chosen by God

Rich in faith

Heirs of the Kingdom Actions of Rich Against Poor

Oppress you

Drag you into court

Blaspheme the excellent name that was invoked over you (the name to whom you belong) James 2:5 - 2:7 James 2:1 - 2:4 Wealth and Poverty
in James 2:1 - 2:7 James 2:5 - 2:7 Actions of Rich Actions of God Possessions Place in worship Tip God's form of wealth Literal contrast between the two (not to scale) Wealthy vs Poor James 3:13-4:10 James 5:1-6 Warning to the rich What's comin', Jesus? -Misery
-Wealth will rot
-Moths will eat clothes
-Gold and silver will corrode
-Flesh will be eaten like fire What's comin', Science? -Wealth will rot
-Moths will eat clothes
-Gold and silver will corrode
-Flesh will decay -Fail to pay workers
-Live in luxury and self indulgence
-Fattened self for the slaughter
- Condemned and murdered the innocent Live idolizing wealth, and you are going to see your idol die. "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."
Proverbs 3:34 (as quoted in James) Wisdom 1) The worldly wisdom
Bitter envy + selfish ambition (MIGHT)= earthly wealth x denying the truth and boasting (definitely)= "disorder and every evil practice" Wisdom 2) The wisdom that comes from Heaven
purity+ peace+ consideration+ submission+mercy+ good fruit+ impartiality+ sincerity = A righteous harvest! (doesn't seem to leave much room for earthly wealth.) fights and quarrels
spending on YOUR pleasures
hatred toward God chapter 3: 13-18 Friendship with the world The Lord will come near to you.

THE LORD WILL LIFT YOU UP! purifying our hearts
humbling ourselves to God
Resisting the devil ETERNAL WEALTH Earthly wealth We should not put our trust in earthly wealth, but in God who provides eternal wealth. 1 Tim 6:17-19 James 1:7-10

-Wisdom from the Lord: the greatest riches

-One must INVEST in faith

"The rich are to glory in humiliation because like flowering grass their gold will pass away” James 1:11 -Things of the Earth are fleeting like a rich man's wealth -“For the sun rises with a scorching wind and withers the grass; and its flower falls off and the beauty of its appearance is destroyed; so too the rich man in the midst of his pursuits will fade away” Basically in other words: -Man rich in faith: millionaire

-Doubting man: poverty stricken -God compares material things to things of the Earth -Riches in the Kingdom of God are eternal Annabelle Fox
Jordan Gonzalez
Patrick Haltom
Josiah Miller
Will Padgett Roman Empire Vespasian Denarius
(69-79 AD) Hebrew Half Sheckel
(67-68 AD) Aureus Sestertius Buh-bye!
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