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Marketing Group Project on Music Festival

No description

Dimppy Sandhu

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Group Project on Music Festival

Music Target Audience Total Product Concept Conclusion MUSIC FESTIVALS In Conclusion, all the festivals although similar have their differences and things which make them unique, hence they have developed marketing strategies to adapt to this, and successfully appeal to potential consumers. Whether it be Big Day Out, Southbound, Summadayze or another festival not mentioned, the festival must adopt its own form of marketing to appeal to consumers and sell tickets Reece Chickonoski
Zachary Dawson
Victoire McKelvie
Dimppy Sandhu
Lauren Witherow Summadayze Southbound Big Day Out Targets younger generation with their colorful & funky posters as well as incorporating young actors in their commercials to establish a connection with the young adults Core Product All three music festivals aims at providing entertaiment Augumented Product VIP entry, Merchandise Pack, Complimentary Drinks Silent Disco, Mobile App, VIP Backstage Pass Large TV screens on the side of the stage, Mobile App, 'Chow Town' Potential Product Overnight camping, Indoor Areas, Bigger Venue Bigger Camping grounds, Third Stage, New camping location Live Online band streaming,
Enhanced SFX, Fireworks Growth Phase Maturity Phase Maturity Phase Summadayze Summadayze focuses its marketing on reaching new consumers rather than maintaining old ones Soundbound Southbound growing into the maturity stage, and now has a stable fanbase to target with their marketing Big Day Out Big Day Out must focus on getting big name artists and effectively promoting those artists through radio stations, television and websites. Focusing on not slipping into the decline phase is the main marketing strategy of Big Day Out. Brand Awareness and Associations Brand Loyalty Willingness to Pay and Perceived Quality FESTIVALS GROUP MEMBERS People are very well aware of Summadayze in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. However Summadayze has just been introduced in Perth. Southbound has become a popular music festival and its name is associated with being one of Australia’s only two day camping festival. Being in the middle of summer, southbound is associated with a laid back atmosphere. As a festival that has been running for over twenty years with over 50,000 people attending per year, Big Day Out has been able to establish its brand as one of the most popular and dominant festivals in Australia. Summadayze does have its share of loyal fans but it is relatively low in comparisons to other summer music festival. It is unable to generate as much fans and followers. Southbound is now a well-established Australian festival it has a large following. Southbound keeps customers coming back by offering things that other music festivals don’t. People come back for the camping experience, 18+ age limit, four music areas and many more things that are offered. Summadayze does have its share of loyal fans but it is relatively low in comparisons to other summer music festival. It is unable to generate as many fans and followers as the more established festivals. Big Day Out brand loyalty is quite high as it is one of the most well known Australian festivals around. As it is so popular, people don’t necessarily attend the festival because of who is playing but rather for the environment and atmosphere. As Summadayze is a festival under Future Music entertainment; people assume that the quality of the festival would be high. However as mentioned earlier on, Summadayze is considered as a smaller music festival with a lack of awareness, thus the perceive quality of it would be lower. Being the largest festival in the country, Big Day Out can charge a higher amount for their tickets than other festivals and still have consumers purchasing their tickets. Consumers are willing to pay more for their tickets because of its brand awareness and quality. Two day pass tickets for southbound range from $169 for non-camping to $199 for camping. The price for what southbound offers is considered ‘worth it’ If it is compared to other festivals Positioning Expected Product Product Life Cycle Security, Toilets, First Aid,
Ticketing System Camping grounds, Beverage suppliers, Toilets, Water Online Ticketing, Security,
Live Music Advertising Appeal Big Day Out are at their preference stage where ads show which bands are playing at the festival ultimately gives a preference over other competing festivals Summadayze All three music festivals apply emotional appeal in their advertisements Southbound Southbound emphasises on camping and the artists that are playing at the event to get an emotional response from consumers, with the aim of them purchasing a ticket to satisfy those emotions. Big Day Out
Consumers are emotionally incline to purchase a ticket when their favourite band or artist is playing
Consumers relate to their favourite band with emotions of happiness, joy, excitement and pleasure. Summadayze incoporates themes in to the music festival.
E.g Colourfornia, a colour campaign theme was the theme for Summadayze 2012.

Colourfornia, stir up emotions such as fun, excitement and freshness. Summadayze inclines its target audience to purchase tickets Consumers want to purchase festival tickets to satisfy their want to party, see their favourite bands, get away for the weekend, dance and experience the festival environment. Information Search: The information about the festivals is found on posters that appear throughout clubs, bars and cafes. Information is also found online on their respective websites and information can be found through radio advertising. Consumers who are deciding which festival to attend consider and rank the options based on what they expect and what is better/different about each. Usually based on each festivals augmented products Southbound must communicate their uniqueness to be successful, In the images above you can see that they promote ‘2 Full days, three nights of camping, more than 60 acts, and one festival’. This is included in the advertising to promote the camping something other festivals don't have to show the uniqueness of what southbound offers to its consumers. In both Ads, we can see that Summadayze focuses on the cognitive aspect by communicating their information such as Date, Time, Venue, Artists performing and Ticket information on their Ads. Summadayze uses the popularity of the artists and bands to attract their fans to the music festival by listing them out on the poster and Ads. Recommendations All of the festivals target demographic and psychological variables Demographic Psychological The variables they consider most here is age, targeting mainly the younger generation. They each differentiate their position as festivals, but still target the same group of young people all the same. This segmentation is easily measurable. Festivals want to target a group of people who enjoy partying, and having lots of fun, enjoying a day out with the friends, and people live an active outgoing fun loving lifestyle. All the festivals target this but in a slightly more differentiated way then with the demographic variables, as Summadayze can target people who want to try new things, Southbound targets people who are outdoor loving and enjoy camping whilst Big Day Out is a more mass market approach. Southbound Branding Provide loyalty scheme to reward consumers who continue to purchase tickets. E.g. Provide a 10% discount on current ticket price for consumers who have previously bought tickets in the year before

This helps to boost brand loyalty as consumer not only stay with the brand for its festival experience but for its cheaper price

As a way of saying 'Thank you' to it consumers for its continuous support, southbound can provide free upgrade of VIP tickets to those who have attended the festival for more than 5 years. Big Day Out improve its augmented product elements especially through print advertisement, may encourage consumers to move from the conviction stage to the purchase stage of the consumer response hierarchy.

Big Day Out could incorporate some of the potential product elements- such as TV screens on the stage wings- and incorporate them into the augmented product, since Big Day Out is in its mature stage in the product lifecycle there are many loyal customers. Total Product Concept Branding To maintain its youthful brand image, Big Day Out should use a more innovative communicative form to promote to a new and younger audience.

For example, creating short promotional videos will not only redefine the brand image but also attract new customers and get them excited for this event (Joonghwa & Hyunmin 2012).

Big Day Out could include its augmented products in advertisements to separate themselves in the market. This separation would influence consumers to buy their product based on what they would be missing out on by not attending Big Day Out.
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