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Surprise Endings

No description

Rachel Anderson

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Surprise Endings

Once upon a time, in a land far away,
there was a miller with many debts to pay. He went to the forest to gather wood,
where by a tree an old man stood.

"I'll give you wealth," the old man said.
"If you give me what's behind your shed."

"My apple tree?" The miller thought.
"Sure, that works." A deal was wrought. The miller went behind the shed
to find that it was his daughter, instead.

The miller’s heart filled with dread.
“The old man is the devil,” he said. It was not long before the devil came,
with horns and smoke and evil flame.

But the girl lifted her hands to pray,
try as he might, the devil held no sway. "Cut her hands off," the devil commanded,
The miller moved to obey as was demanded.

"Don't worry father, I'll be alright.
He'll never touch me, despite his might.”

And so her declaration proved true;
though handless she prayed, the devil flew. Her father could not have her remain;
seeing her handless caused him such great pain.

And so the girl without hands began to wander,
across plains, under hills, and over yonder. She stopped in a garden to eat a berry,
and the gardener thought she was a fairy.

He told the king about the divine creature,
and the curious king set off to greet her. "This is no fairy," the king exclaimed.
"But a beautiful woman! What's her name?"

They fell in love, and got married.
In their hearts, their love was carried. Finally, the war ended and the king came home,
to discover that the devil had made his family roam.

For years he went and searched for his wife,
Till one day a song calmed his heart back to life. Along the way, the vengeful devil came.
He cast a spell and the letter was not the same.

The king read that his wife had given birth to a demon.
He wrote back, "Still, don't harm her for any reason." Once again the devil cast a spell,
and a different story did the letter tell.

"Kill my wife and babe, cut out their eyes,"
the king's mother read the letter to many cries.

The mother clenched her fist and decided to resist.
She made the queen and infant prince run into the mist. He found his wife with hands anew,
standing beside their son who grew.

Love and hope brought them together,
and so they lived happily ever after. One day the king was forced to declare war,
so he told his mother to care for his Queen for sure.

The Queen gave birth, and the people were delighted.
A letter was written for the King, the messenger alighted. A Story of Obedience, Evil and Resistance
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