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Meet the 2012 Prezi U Ambassadors

Profiles of our current Prezi U Ambassadors from around the world. Interested in applying? Visit www.prezi.com/ambassadors

Ashley Whitlatch

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Meet the 2012 Prezi U Ambassadors

Meet the 2012 Ambassadors Karthika Appiah United States Canada South America Western Europe Eastern Europe Asia Seattle, WA Fun Fact: I can move my ears! School:
University of Washington

Major: Marketing & Human Resources

Email: kappiah@uw.edu Tai Tran School:
UC Berkeley Fun Fact: During my spare time, I enjoy watching the food channel even though I don't know how to cook! Ethan Gromet School:
University of Southern California (USC)

Major: International
Relations &
Global Business Fun Fact: I love to hangout at
the beach and play volleyball! James Cook School:
Warner Pacific College

Major: Music Business
Urban Studies (minor) Fun Fact: Anku Madan School:
NC State

Materials Science and Engineering Fun Fact: I was born in Bangkok, Thailand! Christopher Pouler School:
UNC Charlotte

Major: Economics
Minor: Operations
Management Nicole Ward School:
Appalachian State University

Elementary Education Madison Jensen Fun Fact: I've been dancing for 17 years! School:
Vanderbilt University

Major: Human & Organizational Development Will Sherman School:
University of Denver

Marketing &
Sustainability Fun Fact: I have a concert bucket list that I am actively adding and checking off of. here are my most recent shows, and the next on my list... Nick Allen School:
Eastern Illinois

Management &
Corporate Communication Fun Fact: I am a member of both the professional fraternity Delta Sigma Pi and the social fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon. Kourtney Chrisman School:
Eastern Kentucky

Political Science
& History Fun Fact: I have a son named Cannon. He's a 3 year old Min Pin that has completely stolen my heart! Andy Gobran School:
University of Minnesota

Psychology & Spanish Brandi Vaughn School:
Berea College

Major: General Biology Fun Fact: Bryan Chou Fun Fact: Sometimes I sing "Call Me Maybe" when I shower... School:
Syracuse University

Major: Advertising
& French Gabrielle Carels School:
University of Michigan

Digital Environments Studies Fun Fact: I did "The Color Run" in July! Christopher Torres School:
School of Visual Arts

Digital Arts & Sciences
Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Kristie Stalberger School:
University of Wisconsin
- Madison

Computer Science Fun Fact: I have 51 cousins! (and 3 more on the way!) Craig Schmalz School:
Plymouth State University

Major: Marketing Fun Fact: I have an obsession with classic cars Christopher Wetherill School:
John Carroll

Major: Psychology,
Classical languages Fun Fact: I practice the fine art of cat yodeling. Google it or something. For realz. Chris Abdo School:
Tulane University

Major: Sociology Fun Fact: I love photography
and film-making. Jenn Kube School: Wright State University

Major: Integrated Language Arts EDU & French Gina Brown School:
University of
New Brunswick

Major: Marketing Fun Fact: Samantha Chiu School:
University of Toronto

& Marketing Fun Fact: Istvan Kereszy School:
Malmo University

Major: Supervision
& Management Rachel Myers School:
Miami University
of Ohio

Business, Economics Fun Fact: Rafael Rizzatti de Moraes School:
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Major: Civil Engineering Fun Fact: I love roller coasters, but I am really afraid of Ferris wheel. Brian Elio Venero Escobar School: Universidad Andina del Cusco

Major: Systems Engineering Xavier de Ryckel School:
Catholic University
of Louvain

Major: MA in
Computer Science
Specializations :
Software Engineering,
Entrepreneurship Fun Fact: All my friends say I'm crazy. But isn't it a desirable characteristic for a web entrepreneur?
Contact us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PreziUCL Pascal van Steen School:
Avans School of
Applied Science

Major: Online Marketing

E-mail: pjjsteen1@avans.nl Fun Fact: Remco Geuze School: Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Sensor Technologist (Honours) Fun Fact: Naomi Pentrel School: Jacobs University Bremen

Electrical Engineering
& Computer Science Fun Fact: I like gem stones - I also wear them as necklaces. Paul Anca School:
Vienna University of Economics & Business

Major: Marketing Fun Fact: They call me Anca-Man Laure Joumier School:
University of Warwick

Major: Management
Information Systems Fun Fact: Jason Parmar School:
Imperial College London

Major: Chemistry
& Management Fun Fact: Drew Walters School:
Franklin College

Secondary Education
Mathematics Click the button to go to that region Fun Fact: Washington Berkeley, CA Los Angeles, CA Portland, OR Oregon Colorado Minnesota Wisconsin Illinois Louisiana Tennessee Indiana Michigan Kentucky Florida Ohio New York New Hampshire Charlotte, NC Raleigh, NC University Heights, OH Jaime Ng School:
University of Miami

Major: Marketing
& Management Miami, FL Denver, CO Minneapolis, MN Fun Fact: I spent two weeks this summer in Kenya & Tanzania on a mission trip. Madison, WI Charleston, IL New Orleans,
LA Nashville, TN Franklin, IN Ann Arbor,
MI Richmond, KY Berea, KY Malmo, Sweden Boone, NC Oxford, OH Dayton, OH Syracuse, NY Manhattan, NY Plymouth, NH Toronto,
ON, Canada Fredericton,
NB, Canada Cusco, Cuzco, Perú Fun Fact: Porto Alegre, RS , Brazil Warwickshire, UK London, UK Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium Breda, Netherlands Eenum,
The Netherlands Bremen,
Germany Vienna,
Austria I eat an apple a day! I'm very uncoordinated when I dance, specially when it comes to salsa... I compete as a figure model The jellyfish is my favorite animal! Next on the list... "Jacky" Jiaqi Mao School: HAN
University of
Applied Science

Finance & Control Fun Fact:
I am a student representative in my university
I have worked for a few international companies
I am very eager to learn and make friends Arnhem,
The Netherlands works at the best supermarket in the country :) only on Saturdays though Fun Fact: I spent my summer traveling around Hong Kong, China, and Korea! Fun Fact: I've started snowboarding last year and didn't break anything so far! I know it is quite obvious, but I am part Cherokee Indian! (Confession: only 1/16th) Competitive Swimmer Fun Fact: I've ridden the tallest and second fastest (used to be the fastest) roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka. It goes 0-128 mph in 3.5 seconds, and is 456 feet tall! Fun Fact: I'll be studying abroad in Paris & Bordeaux! I hold the world record for "fastest time to solve a rubiks cube while hopping on one leg" I'm also a London Ambassador for the 2012 Olympics.... http://rec.st/FRS

www.union.ic.ac.uk/blogs/category/sabbs/dpe/ ...and Imperial College Unions

Deputy President (Education) Mississippi James Young School:
University of
Southern Mississippi Major: Fun Fact: I've travled to 49/50 states. Hawaii here I come! Hattiesburg,
Mississippi Mayura Davda Major: Mechanical
Engineering School:
Purdue University West Lafayette,
IN I can speak 5 different languages and am in the process of learning German for over a year now. Higher Education
Administration I play guitar and sing in a band called The Restiution! https://www.facebook.com/TheRestitutionMusic Fun Fact: Loet Rammelsberg School:
University of Copenhagen

Major: Tropical Agriculture,
Technology transfer

Contact me:
gqp311@alumni.ku.dk Fun Fact: Dutch Champion Knotsball :D United States California North Carolina Canada Ontario New Brunswick South
America Peru Brazil Western Europe Austria United Kingdom Belgium The Netherlands Denmark Germany Eastern
Europe Hungary Tamás Molnár School:
Pázmány Péter
Catholic University

BS Molecular Bionics
MS Info-Bionics Budapest,
Hungary Singapore Chia Yan An School: Nanyang Technological University

Computer Science Fun Fact: I've tasted the clouds! Singapore I've survived without T.V. for a year (living off Netflix). School:
University of Szeged

Major: American Studies, MA Fun Fact: I am a photographer (www.jazzedbymatt.tk), and a Hungarian folk dancer.
Szeged, Hungary Máté Mészáros Australia/New Zealand Australia &
New Zealand New Zealand Judit Klein School:
Auckland University
of Technology

Creative Technologies
- iOS development Auckland, NZ Fun fact: Originally from Hungary but very much a NZ'er now. Australia Jimmy Young School:
University of Sydney

Major: Computer Science and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Sydney, AU Fun fact: I have never touched snow! Steven Gould Fun Fact: I have been to 18 countries on 4 continents. Most recently I went to New Zealand and Australia. School:
Utah State University

Major: Finance, Economics Utah Logan, Utah Alex Kranyak School:
University of Waterloo

Civil Engineering Fun Fact: Hockey is my favorite sport! Waterloo,
ON, Canada School:
Loyola Marymount University

Major: Political Science, Pre-Law Concentration, Journalism Certificate Fun Fact: I was in my first national commercial this year, and I plan on doing more commercials in the future! Alexandra Meeks Los Angeles, CA Miguel Batalla School:
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Major: Building Engineering Fun Fact: I play on a r'n'r band and after the concerts I go dancing salsa. Spain Madrid, Spain Africa Egypt School:
Suez Canal University

Petroleum Engineering Fun Fact: I was driving my dad's car 6 years before having a license!
Port Said, Egypt Basim Hennawi Africa Oklahoma Jasmyn Carter School:
University of
Central Oklahoma Major: Fun Fact: I love pageants! Currently the reigning Miss Black & Gold at the University of Central Oklahoma Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma Mass Communication-Advertising/Public Relations Harsh Banwait Fun Fact: I am obsessed with cars and am working on building my own all-terrain vehicle School:
Stony Brook University

Major: Mechanical Engineering Stony Brook, NY Sweden Taiwan Hao O School: National Taiwan University

Major: Fun Fact: I like to design my own hair style when I go to salons Taipei City, Taiwan Andrew Washuta School:
Clarkson University

Digital Arts & Sciences
Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Fun Fact: I play Division III lacrosse Potsdam, NY Asia Feel free to email me for Prezi support or potential workshops: UC Berkeley Prezi Page:
http://prezi.com/user/cal/ Major: Economics
& Education Email: gobra004@umn.edu n.pentrel@jacobs-university.de Jacobs Prezi Facebook Page:
http://www.facebook.com/JacobsPrezi Contact me: e-mail: rr_moraes_14@hotmail.com Stay connected with me:
https://www.facebook.com/CalPrezi taitran@ berkeley.edu Nick Jobe School: Wright State University

Major: Organizational Leadership Dayton, OH Fun Fact: I went to my first ever NACURH conference this year...and won a silver medal for my Top 40 program! First Semester: First semester only. Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/banwait/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/npentrel/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/BryanChinYuChou/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/washuta/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/Church/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/alexkranyak/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/Jng/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/umn/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/juditklein/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/eliO_prezi/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/ickm26e8pi4u/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/jhyiii/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/swgould/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/UW_Madison/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/awalters27/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/xderyckel/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/prezipascal/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/molnartom/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/pm95e5r8bkeq/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/najobe/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/UW/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/RachelMyers/ Prezi Profile: http://prezi.com/user/umich/ Want to be the next Ambassador for your campus?
Visit: http://www.prezi.com/ambassadors for more info
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