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Wolfgang Kessling

No description

Luigi Bustos

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Wolfgang Kessling

Dr.Wolfgang Kessling
TED Talks
Dr. Wolfgang Kessling joined Transsolar in 2000
Has been the principal since 2006
He is a Climate Engineer and expert for integral planning with special focus on low energy–high comfort concepts for buildings in hot and humid climates

In 2012 Dr. Kessling was invited to speak at TED.
Dr. Kessling spoke on the subject of How to air-condition outdoor spaces.
Dr. Kessling was involved in high profile sustainable projects throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia.
He was a project manager for various projects -
Experimental Cloud in Frankfurt
SAP Call Center in Galway, Ireland
Gehry Building for Novartis in Basel, Switzerland
In Asia, Dr. Kessling was involved in the innovative energy concept of the New Bangkok International Airport, the first Zero Energy Office in Malaysia
Dr. Kessling is founding member and lecturer for postgraduate Masters in Climate Engineering at the Donau University Krems, Austria.
Studied and graduated as Diplom Physiker at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich
He specialized in active solar systems.
More info
Wolfgang Kessling obtained his Doctor Degree in Physics at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.
Dr. Kessling is a climate engineer and expert for integral planning with special focus on low energy-high comfort concepts for building in hot and humid climates.
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