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The role of Women in Romeo and Juliet.

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Avneet Khatra

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of The role of Women in Romeo and Juliet.

The role of Women in Romeo and Juliet.
What men think of Women.
Romeo does not think bad or inferior of women.
But on the other hand, Mercutio does.
In Act II, scene 2, lines 7-21, Mercutio talk about women and love in a indirect way to Romeo.
He talks about how love could affect a man so much.
Other men think Women as a object or thing they could keep, release and take back at any time.
There is not that much respect for women.
Lady Capulet and Lady Montague have no say in any conversation or fight but they are bound to support their husbands.
Bibliography (MLA)
Elavial 413. "Romeo and Juliet: An exploration of Gender Roles". 1. Under the Fallen Leaves. 26 February 2013. Web. <http://underthefallenleaves.wordpress.com/2013/02/26 romeo-and-juliet-an-exploration-of-gender-roles-17.
"Speeches (Lines) for Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet"." Opensource Shakespere. George Mason University., n.d. Web. 26 Nov 2013. <http://www.opensourceshakespeare.org/views/plays/characters/charlines.php?CharID=juliet&WorkID=romeojuliet>.
How many Lines?
Lady Montague has two lines in the whole play.
Lady Capulet has 45 lines in the whole play.
The nurse has 90 lines in the whole play.
Juliet has 118 lines in the whole play.
In total, the play has 3054 lines approximately and only 255 lines are from women.
Gender discrimination.
In that time frame, Women were compared to men and other women.
Women compared to men in Verona were considered weak, inferior and were considered much more of a object for men to keep.
Men's only goal in life is to keep their family going, have fun and really do whatever they want.
Women's only role in life is to please their parents, marriage, pleasing her husband and then taking care of the house and children.
Women had no say, freedom or any other goals in life other than making everyone happy and taking care of children.
There was a lot of comparison between women, men and other women.
In the play, any other woman except for Juliet was not really involved or as one of the main characters, but just as a minor character.
General Overview
This is a Story about two Star crossed lovers who are held back due to the quarrels of their families (Capulet and Romeo). These two get secretly married but due to some fights brewed between the two families making them hate eachother more, so Romeo and Juliet die from a unexpected incident.
Characters: Juliet (a small overview).
Juliet is one of the main characters in the female category.
She was one of the lovers.
She tried to overcome many problems such as a arranged marriage fixed with County Paris.
She dies in the end with Romeo.
The nurse
The nurse is the female person who took care of Juliet since she was a baby.
The nurse usually stayed with Juliet.
She did not give any proper advice when Juliet needed help.
Lady Capulet
Mother of Juliet.
Did not talk very comfortably with Juliet without Nurse.
Had some lines in the play.
Lady Montague
Mother of Romeo.
Had the most minimal lines in the play.
Only had two lines, that too short ones.
Thanks for watching!!!
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