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An Archetypal Criticism on Shakespeare's Tragedy of Macbeth

No description

Penelope Jess

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of An Archetypal Criticism on Shakespeare's Tragedy of Macbeth

An Archetypal Criticism on Shakespeare's Tragedy of Macbeth Characteristics of Hero's Journey The Hero meets monstrous Return and Reintegration with Society The Road of Trials The Innermost Cave Tragic Hero Macbeths mistakes bring WITCH #1 Archetypal Journey Heroic Archetype An examination of a particular work of Shakespeare Peniel Eshetu Stages of a Hero's Journey The Tragedy Symbolic Archetypes Literary Symbols Departure Initiation WITCH #2 WITCH #3 Macbeth meets... at the beginning of the play. Hero Has Help from the Supernatural Hero Has a Loyal Band of Companions Character Archetypes The Hero: Macbeth Mentor: Group of Companions: Friendly Beast: The Shadow: Banquo Lady Macbeth Witches The Platonic Ideal: Damsel in Distress: The Temptress or Black Goddness
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