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SOIS - Strategic

No description

Jacques du Plessis

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of SOIS - Strategic

SOIS - Past & Future
Funding Model
Morphing Mission
Technology Revolution
SOIS Strategic
Funding Model
Morphing Mission
Decades of Stability of Professional, Social, Cultural and Intellectual Refinement


Dynamic Shifts in Career Preparation
Technology Revolution
Paper - 1980s
Digital - 1990s
Networked - 2000s
Wireless - 2010s
Mobile - 2015
Cost of Higher Ed
Student Expectations
Possibilities in the Digital Era
Information as our Core
UIC 52.8% 16.9% - 35.9 pts
UC Davis 63.4% 30.2% - 33.2 pts
UC Riverside 66.6% 33.9% - 32.7 pts
GSU 67.0% 35.2% - 31.8 pts
USC 52.2% 21.6% - 30.7 pts
UC Santa Barbara 54.1% 23.4% - 30.7 pts
UC Santa Cruz 58.9% 28.7% - 30.2 pts
U Houston 55.8% 27.5% - 28.3 pts
USF Tampa 69.0% 40.8% - 28.2 pts
Wayne State 54.1% 26.7% - 27.4 pts
MSU 45.0% 17.8% - 27.2 pts
Rutgers 59.6% 32.6% - 27.0 pts
UC Berkeley 49.4% 22.6% - 26.8 pts
From 1987 - 2012
The Internet of Things
connectivity of things
just in time info & actions
- SOIS experience
(undergrad, grad, admin)
- Admin Experience
(CIO, Faculty Chair)
- Values
(trust, respect, tact, patience, invest in relationships)
My Prep:
course schedule planning,
faculty evaluation & development,
curriculum development,
faculty/staff hiring and supervision,
budget development, fiscal monitoring
provide leadership for and coordination of academic programs
strategic planning
resource allocation
evaluation and continuous improvement
provide leadership for and coordination of the operational function
of the academic mission of the school.
collaborate with the dean, faculty and the director for human resources
to develop and support the enhancement of the faculty human capital.
accreditation and collaboration with other units
e.g. Computer Science, Business
Mediated forms
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