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More illusions and theories

No description

Laurie Johnston

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of More illusions and theories

More illusions and theories
More illusions...
Learning objectives:

All of us will learn about ambiguous figures, distortions, the Gestalt theory of illusion and Gregory's theory of illusion (C Grade)
Most of us will be able to offer explanations for ambiguous figures, distortions and fictions (B Grade)
Some of us will be able to explain how Gregory and Gestalt theories explain illusion ( A Grade)

Ambiguous Figures and Distortions
Lets read pgs 24-25: Malyun, Yasmin, Lequesha, Anya
Exam Practice
1. What makes an ambiguous figure ambiguous? (2)

2. Two groups of participants in a psychological research study were shown an illusion that could be seen as a rat or as an old man's face. One of the groups was shown pictures of animals before they saw the illusion, the other group just saw the illusion. Who do you think saw the rat? Why? (4)
The Gestalt theory of illusions
Lets read pages 26-27

Complete the Gestalt sheet

Exam practice
1. How does closure explain fictions? (2)

2. How does figure/ground help to explain ambiguous figures? (4)
Make a table comparing features of Leeper's Lady
Complete the ambiguous figure/distortion exercise
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