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QAR Presentation April 2010

April 26, 2010 presentation given the the NCA/AdvancED Accreditation Visiting team to West Bloomfield School District.

Kendra Hearn

on 12 July 2010

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Transcript of QAR Presentation April 2010

our story of continuous school improvement
west bloomfield school district quality assurance review
april 26-28, 2010 Welcome our story: when we improve
students' lives are positively
impacted forever vision & purpose governance &leadership Administrative Council & Stakeholder Advisory Group Brainstorming wordsmithing our story: living & breathing our mission 21st Century Global Education hierarchy organizational chart chain of command policies procedures teaching & learning is paramount our story: we are
difficult times...but our story: we are all leaders 7 standards teaching & learning our story: it IS what we do documenting & using results stakeholder communications & relationships parental involvement rates 98%+ community-wide book talks & movie night email
blog commitment to
continuous improvement resource & support systems 5 goals mind the gap equity & access to rigor go global use formative & summative data innovate & use tech acknowledgements district highlights 11 schools and approximately 6900 students in prek-13
approximately 500 English Langauge Learners with approximately 45 home languages other than English
13.75% Free & Reduced price lunch eligible students
State & National Test Scores above State & National Averages
All schools awarded Blue Ribbons
Top feeder to University of Michigan & Michigan State
20 Advanced Placement classes and highest participation ever
Top 4-6% of high schools in the nation by Newsweek magazine
Community Service Action Projects at every school
Nationally Certified AVID programs
award-winning Medical Mentorship and Ford PAS Advanced Engineering programs
home of Oakland County's first & only true Early College - OEC

our process teacher leaders . admin . board of education The WBSD
educates students
to be their best
IN and FOR
the world. decrease gaps in performance between low socio-economic,
African American, ESL, &
Special Education students
and the total population increase rigor in existing classes,
increase rigorous course offerings,
increase participation to reflect school population increase frequency of global references and connection in curriculum and lessons, implement IB at secondary and World Language at elementary create interim assessments where we don't have them,
increase teacher access to student learning data,
focus PLC conversations on student data use existing technology to have students produce instead of consume, increase technology availability in schools/classrooms, employ cutting edge instructional practices- think outside of the box CSI team meetings . wiki 2 to 1
bond support WBEF SOS rally priceless pic taken during walkthrough at Doherty FLIP Project curriculum guides in print & digital PD: PLCs & Best Practies Summit of our financial
go into the classroom 78+% our story: we are never satisfied bi-weekly ad council mtg mid-year progress rating sheet done in ad council
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