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South Africa


Kitwana Ashford

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of South Africa

South Africa: Poverty What is Poverty in South Africa?
Poverty is a common problem in South Africa. How many people does Poverty effect?
It affects 380 million people a year.
What parts of south africa are affected by poverty ? 380 million people are affected by poverty.
What countrie is poverty the worst in africa?
Poverty is the worst in Johannesburg. What causes poverty?
What causes poverty is the people are not getting paid a lot for there jobs that they do and they most of the times can not get a job. What can be done to solve poverty?
Well, they can have more than one job and sometimes save food so next time you can have food they can all put there food together and have a feast and they will not be as hungary. The organization is The Optimist Club.
They are sending food and stuff over to South Africa. How could I help poverty?
I could help with poverty by sending some money over to South Africa or sending some food over to South Africa.
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