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AMCP: Fall Educational Conference - ACPHS Leadership Fund

Cincinnati, Ohio October 3-5th, 2012

Nick Stark

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of AMCP: Fall Educational Conference - ACPHS Leadership Fund

Overall GREAT Opportunity!
AMCP Managed Care
Residency Showcase

General Sessions
Managed Care Sessions:
Highlights, Updates, and NEW info!
Network one-on-one with representatives from managed
care pharmacy residency & fellowship programs

Preceptors & current residents

Advice & guidance
Drug Pricing Developments: is AWP even real?
Federal and State Legislative Update
Paul Lakomski
Pictures, sights, and of course, the food!
Recognition of AMCP Summer Interns
Duke Energy Convention Center
William Stilling
Pharmacists' duty to warn and counsel
ERISA (Employment Retirement Income Security Act)
Covenants not to compete
Federal False Claims Act (FCA)
Court Cases
political environment in D.C.
Priority of federal issues
State legislative issues
AMCP advocacy activities and resources
Northeast Region Affiliate
Networking Events & Receptions
Opening Night Reception

First Time/New Members Breakfast

- CEO of the Body Language Institute

- Nonverbal communication is a crucial part of getting your message across

- Presented a high energy and highly interactive keynote address on how to use body language to your best advantage
Janine Driver
October 3-5, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
"Naval intelligence"
1:45, 3:58
Senator Bill Bradley
-Focus on Healthcare Reform

-"This is the biggest movement affecting Americans in our country's history"

- Keynote address on how Washington can and should bridge its partisan divide

- Health care is one of the most divisive issues splitting Democrats and Republicans, especially when it comes to cost and access.
Emerging Issues and Trends in Managed Care
Formulary Management for Personalized Medicine: What needs to be changed?
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
CVS Caremark
Health Outcomes Fellowship
Humana, Inc.
Kaiser Permanente
A few of the Exhibitors…
Justin Bakhshai

Chapter Diplomat: James Bartosik
A few people we met with...
Kelly Chillingworth
MC Sessions:
What "type" of medications are making up
of the pipeline???
Scanning the Pharmaceutical Pipeline
Oncology Management
Specialty Medications Update
Oncology, oncology, oncology
What does Vertex produce? Hint: Google it
For more information...

Follow our Chapter on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ACPHS.ManagedCare

Join the conversation on our Official LinkedIn Group: Under "group" search, type in...

E-mail us at AMCP@acphs.edu
Visit www.AMCP.org
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