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Sarah Casey

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of slavery

What was life like as a slave?
Life as a slave
over 32% slave manages were canceled by masters because of selling
slaves could be killed for murder, burglary, arson, and assaulting a white person
in the south, black people usually weren't allowed to attend church services
half of all slave infants died during their first year of life
when a slave was 12months, his/her mother could be sold away
usually received 2 shirts, 2 pairs of trousers, 1 jacket, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of shoes, 1 overcoat, and 1 wool hat per year
ate cornmeal, salt, herrings and 8lbs of pork/fish per month
houses were usually wooden shacks with dirt floors
beds were usually made of straw grass and rags
Charity Anderson
101 years old
lived in Mobile, Alabama on wood yard
women worked in the mill supplying fuel to river boats
slaves treated well
punishment was being torn limb from limb by the dogs or whipped unmercifully
Tempe Durham
103 years old
Chatham County, North Carolina on master's plantation
the plantation raised corn, wheat, cotton, and tobacco
the women spun, wove, and dyed cloth
women not treated as well as men
punishment was brutal whipping until they bled buckets
Clayton Holbert
86 years old
lived in Linn County, Tennesse on master's plantation
the plantation raised corn, barley, and cotton
there were 100 slaves on the plantation
they had to weave their own clothes, butchered their own meat, and made their own maple sugar
Fountain Hughes
101 years old
born a slave
Charlottsville, Virginia
grandson of slave owned by Thomas Jefferson
left with nothing after slavery's end
homeless and sneaking around places for warmth
Maria Jackson
79 years old
lived in Notasulga, Alabama on a farm
she worked in the fields with her father
picked cotton, corn, and tobacco
worked until she was married
went and lived in Athens with her husband and 14 kids
Mary Reynolds
over 100 years old
Black River, Louisiana
was born into slavery
owner a physician and planter
she witnessed horrific beatings
she worked in weather so cold that her hands bled
Richard Toler
lived on 500-acre farm in Campbell County, Virginia
when he was younger he had tended to the cows and calves
when a little older he hoed fields and was a black smith
his master's sons brutaly whipped young girls for pleasure without letting their father know and threatened all the slaves that if they told, they would hunt them down and kill them with their bare hands
Sarah Casey
Hailey Stafford
Murphy Smalley
Hunter Williams
Brice Tarno
Curtis Stauffer

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