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East Wellington Community Services 2

East Wellington Community Services grass-root charity, created for the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (Y.P.I.)

jonathan van oosten

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of East Wellington Community Services 2

East Wellington Community Services

To improve the quality of life of those we serve by ensuring the availability of accessible community and health services through direct program and service delivery, partnerships with other organizations and focused advocacy.
EWCS is not a single service charity, they do numerous things to help out their community and the rural communities around them. EWCS helps people dealing with hunger, unemployment, poverty and they offer interaction and learning programs for children. They have food banks, clothing banks and information centres.
They give aid to seniors by giving them a chance to interact with others, preserve and enhance their memory, agility and mobility. The Issues The Services Impact - they help over 24,000 people each year with all of the different programs
- every year they help over 500 different families with the Rockwood and Erin food banks
- last year alone they handed out 7688 bags full of food
- greatly improved the quality of life for many of the seniors by enhancing and preserving their memories
- they also gave 6983 km of rides to seniors last year
- they have made parents lives easier by giving them access to other parents and their parenting techniques.
The $5000 - the President and the Executive Director would like us to decide where the money would go.
- if our charity won the 5000$: - $1000 would go to the food banks
- $1000 would go to the clothing banks
- $1000 would go to the seniors programs
- $1000 would go to the children programs
- $1000 would go to a new wheel chair accessible bus
If our group was awarded the $5000, it would make a huge difference towards the people that use EWCS because it is such a small grass-roots charity, compared to larger charities where the $5000 would not make as much of an impact.

- provide relief and support to the seniors care giver
- activities include: intergenerational programs, crafts, games,day trips, and gardening
- over 135 seniors currently use the programs
- develop parenting skills, encourage children to learn, lets families to share experiences
- provide workshops for parents and day trips, games etc. for children
- all child & parent programs are free
- two food banks in Erin and in Rockwood
- provide food every thursday
- one in Erin, Hillsburg and Rockwood, called New to You stores
- provide affordable clothing to anyone who needs it THE INTERVIEW MISSION STATMENT
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